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Chapter 74 - The nature of God and His incarnation.

74,1. Zorel says: “He says: ‘Zorel can do everything he wishes, provided he is the real Zorel!’, and whatever he wants now, he will surely therefore be helped to attain! If I could at least stay a few weeks with you, matters would clearly proceed more easily and more quickly!”

74,2. John says: “Once you have made a solemn resolve to become a better person, you will already be among men, who are just as powerful as we are in our close proximity to the great and living light which radiates from God!”

74,3. Zorel says: “What and who is in fact your God, the one which you Jews call the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?”

74,4. John says: “This question you will find to be clearly answered within yourself, once you have found perfect unity in the inner light of your soul, in exactly the way we have found it. Were we to try to explain this more clearly to you, you would not understand us your whole life long. But you should know from the start, which kind of image of God a worthy man should cherish. Please therefore listen!

74,5. The only true integral God is in Himself an eternal, very pure spirit originating within His own being, endowed with the highest possible degree of self-knowledge together with very profound and enlightened wisdom and possessing stubborn willpower which considers no task to be impossible to perform.

74,6. God is the word within Himself, and the word itself is God. This everlasting word has now adopted the flesh and has descended into this world to meet those who are His people, but they do not recognize the light which has entered their world in this way. For this reason the light will be denied to these children and the responsibility to care for it passed to the gentiles (the superstitious believers) since they are now seeking the truth whereas the children of the light are fleeing from it, as notorious criminals flee the courts of justice. It will therefore taken from the children and delivered to the gentiles. This is the situation now: this is what has taken place.

74,7. Furthermore, the descendents of the primordial children created by the light live in Jerusalem where they shun God’s truth and cling more and more fervently to the night, to deceit and immoral behaviour. However the gentiles who travel the world are searching for the truth. Once they have found it, they are very joyful and unstintingly praise the Giver of Light both in their hearts and through their deeds.

74,8. Look around yourselves now and you will see a sizeable crowd of people! The majority are gentiles who have searched for the heavenly light. They have found that enlightenment and are pleased with their discovery while Jerusalem, the city of the Lord, only sends out searchers and bloodhounds with orders to extinguish the light! Those who were sent, however, are cleverer than those who dispatched them as they emerged from their great darkness into the light, found great joy in it and remained in its presence. They have indeed captured the light, but not to bring it to the dungeons of Jerusalem, but rather for themselves and for their own hearts. They are now our brothers in God’s light, they rejoice in it and in Him, from whom the great light radiates.

74,9. You came here as a gentile, not to lighten the darkness of your life, but for gold and silver. However, he who emerges from a dungeon into the light of day will not easily be able to escape the sunshine. This is what happened to you here. Even if you were not searching for it, you have nevertheless received the light since you came to the sun. This does not mean the light of the natural sun now just touching the horizon as it sets, but the light of the spiritual sun, which illuminates the whole of infinity with all God’s wisdom, so that all beings who are capable of thought can reason and exercise their will aided by that light. This is true not only on this earth but also in the countless other worlds, with which God has filled infinite space.

74,10. Therefore, allow yourself to be bathed in this light, which you are now beginning to notice a little, so that it permeates through to your very intestines. Even the smallest spark of this light will bring you greater happiness than if you were able to take possession of all the treasures of this world. Make your own search now for the true kingdom of truth; everything else will be freely given to you and you will lack for nothing!” (Matt. 6 33)

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-74 Chapter