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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-75 Chapter

Chapter 75 - Cyrenius looks after Zorel.

75,1. Zorel says: “You are right, my friend: Whatever a man enjoys that is cloaked in darkness, does not flourish! The fact that I am living in a dense spiritual night had not escaped me. Despite their enigmatic tone, your words have guided me towards the true supreme light and have already given me great joy.. However, if your words can also influence Cyrenius in some way, please ask him at least to give me a coat, even only a slightly better one, since I can no longer be seen in these rags in your company. Cyrenius must surely have some kind of threadbare servants’ coat at his disposal!”

75,2. Cyrenius calls a servant and says: “Go to our baggage and bring me a good shirt, a toga and a Greek coat!”

75,3. The servant goes and brings the required clothing to Cyrenius.

75,4. He calls Zorel saying: “Take these clothes, go behind the house and change!”

75,5. Truly thankful, Zorel takes the clothes, goes behind Markus’ house, dresses and as a result he looks quite impressive.

75,6. Within a few moments Zorel is back with us saying to Cyrenius: “Noble lord! May the one true, eternal living God reward you, not one of the trifling deities! You have dressed a poor, naked body and I am unworthy of your noble gesture! However, just as there is a true, almighty, supremely wise God whose children, or at least His creation, we all are and just as He showers us with good deeds which we do not deserve and for which we can only thank Him but nothing more, I also stand here now in front of you, noble lord. I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart but nothing else! Were you to accept me as the lowest of your servants, I would give you my field as a present!”

75,7. Cyrenius says: “The field does not belong to you, but to the man whose money you used to buy it. Therefore we will sell it, return the money to its owner or his children and only then can you enter my service!”

75,8. Zorel says: “Noble lord and commander! Do whatever you wish! Everything you give me is a blessing; but please do not abandon me, and give me a position in your employment! Just as I have removed all my old rags for good, I will also discard my old, bad character and become an entirely new man! This you can believe of me! However bad I was, I wish to become equally good for the rest of my remaining life in order to make amends for all the evil deeds of which I am guilty.

75,9. If I had ever met a person able to enlighten me so clearly about the concepts of right and wrong as that John over there, I would never have descended so abjectly into vice of all kinds. However, I was always the one who had to be the most clever person around! You now know how far my own supreme cleverness took me and it is not necessary for me to repeat details of my immense disgrace to you all again. Therefore please show me clemency and grace from now on because in future no possible opportunity will arise for you to be displeased with me. I possess various skills; I am well versed in the arts of writing and calculating and the history of nations up to this point is by no means a closed book to me. All the work of the Greek historian Heroditus is familiar to me and I have some knowledge also of Jewish, Persian and ancient Babylonian. You should therefore be able to use me in some capacity.

75,10. Cyrenius says: “We will discus that later but for now just return to your friend John, and let him show you the right way forward! Once you have understood that, everything else will soon be resolved!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-75 Chapter