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Chapter 76 - On the secret of the inner spiritual life.

76,1. After listening to Cyrenius, Zorel bowed deeply to all of us and returned to John, who again welcomed him in a very friendly way and asked him how he felt now.

76,2. Zorel says: “I have done very well, as you can clearly see from my clothes; once you wear a decent shirt and a toga and drape a blue Merino Greek coat around your shoulders, your earthly feeling is quite good! Of course my spiritual well-being still has a significant shortfall! If God wished me to look newly dressed spiritually just as my body now is, I surely would feel more content; but this will take its own time!

76,3. If you will permit me a question, my friend, I would like you to answer the following: You are men as I am with flesh and blood and the same senses as I have. However, you have given me proof of your spiritual strength which exceeds everything which I have encountered so far by an astronomical margin!! The point is: how did you acquire it.?. Who taught you and your colleagues? How did you find the pathway to success?”

76,4. John says: “An explanation would be of little value to you but if you follow my guidance, you will find the teaching within yourself, and your invigorated spirit, reinforced by the spirit of God, will lead you along the path to complete truth and wisdom. If you wish to master an artistic skill, you must go to an artist, so that he can show you the techniques; then comes diligent practice, so that you can develop your own skills to reach a level at which they can fully match the ability of the master. At that time you will have become an artist just like your master.

76,5. If you wish to learn to think, you must go to a philosopher and he will draw your attention to causes and effects, and in this way you will begin to ponder and reach conclusions. You will for example say: While water is in a liquid state, it can easily be agitated; Or, by virtue of its weight water must flow down the valley as, according to everyone’s general experience until now, everything however light is attracted towards the centre of the earth because of the gravitational pull exerted from inside the earth. All things are unceasingly subjected to this force and are obliged to strive towards the earth’s centre in accordance with the indomitable will of the Creator. This law is a “must” in the whole of nature.

76,6. When the water in the sea has reached the maximum possible depth, it ceases to flow but still remains a liquid in itself. If a storm should blow up over the wide surface of the sea, it causes the otherwise placid surface of the water to form waves and this turbulence is in fact nothing other than the effect of a liquid body of water seeking to find its rest position. However, as there is nothing which exerts a stronger pull to reach its rest position than water, this substance can also find its equilibrium disturbed in the simplest way and the shortest time.

76,7. A final conclusion can therefore be drawn: the greater the liquidity of any kind of body, the more it strives to reach equilibrium. Further, the more it reveals this predisposition in its physical being, the more easily it can it be disturbed. The more easily a body of elements can be disturbed, the more liquid it has to be. This example shows how one can begin to learn about thought processes in a school for philosophers, and how one can start to draw conclusions by progressing from cause to effect or vice versa.

76,8. However this thought process moves in a circular fashion, from which it does not and can not find any escape route. All this kind of thinking therefore has very little or no value at all for a human being in respect to his inner, spiritual being, his will or his thoughts. Just as any kind of art can only be produced by an artist or an orderly rational way of thinking by a philosopher, the inner, spiritual thought process can only be taught to you by a spirit, indeed only by the all-pervasive spirit of God within your own soul. This means that only a spirit can awaken another spirit; as the one sees and recognizes the other in the same way as an eye sees and recognizes another eye, understands that it is an eye and how it is formed.

76,9. The spirit is the innermost seeing eye of the soul and its light penetrates all things, because it is a very protected and therefore very pure light. From that you can see the secret of learning different subjects and why you must have the most suitable teacher for everything you wish to learn, otherwise you will always remain a bungler. Once you have found the most suitable teacher, progress also very much depends on carrying out very precisely and diligently any instructions or advice given by the master.

76,10. If your spirit is awakened within you, you will perceive its words as airy thoughts in your heart. You must very carefully listen to them and manage the whole compass of your life accordingly, in order that you can, in so doing, continue to increase your own spirit’s effective range of activity. Your spirit will then grow inside you to manly proportions; it will permeate your whole soul and through it your entire material being.

76,11. When you have reached this standpoint within yourself, then you will also be enabled, not only to see and recognize everything that all natural people can see and recognize with their senses, but also many things which are unfathomable to normal people. You learned this from me, as I, without ever seeing or knowing you before, could tell you everything that you had ever done on this earth with hair’s breadth precision as well as about the matters that you had kept as closely guarded secrets.

76,12. I have now completed my small sample review of this subject so that you can see and recognize how things stand regarding matters of the spirit. But all this still helps you very little or not at all. You must now discover what you must do to awaken your spirit. However, I am not entitled to sketch this out for you and it will be done by someone else who is also among us, and whose whole being is permeated by God’s spirit. He will first show you the way of truth and, being Himself the supreme spirit of all spirits, he will call out to your spirit through your flesh; ‘Wake up in your love of God and then go to your brothers in His name, He who was for ever, is now, and for ever shall be!’ Now tell me, how you have found everything I have told you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-76 Chapter