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Chapter 77 - Zorel's decision to improve.

77,1. Zorel says: “I find your teaching you have given to me very profound, truthful and sound and everything must be as you say it is; otherwise you could not have revealed my highly secret activities as if you were reading them from a book. As a man it is possible in every case to attain almost unbelievable perfection and for me the conviction which I have will suffice. I also do not yearn for the degree of perfection I observe in you, which would enable me on an occasion similar to this to present some poor sinner with a litany of his past transgressions. However, for the sake of perfection as a man I would like to reach a situation in which I can enjoy true comfort in my way of life and even in quieter moments to feel happy about myself! I never want to be a teacher nor even a judge, however gentle. I only wish to serve as a perfect human being so that in the future no man may come to any harm as a result of my stupidity.

77,2. This is the only reason I wish to attain your perfect state. If this ambition forms part of my life and the wish remains strong, I will certainly achieve it because if I badly want something, no sacrifice is too onerous! It will be fulfilled even if the cost is my earthly life! What value has a life if it only consists of imperfections which stand in the way of the goal that is perfection. I truly have no appetite for anything imperfect any more!

77,3. You said however that another person who is full of the spirit of God will teach me what I have to do and that you know him. Show him to me, so that I can go to him and request the ways and means to awaken my spirit!”

77,4. John says: “It is He who earlier sent you to me! Go to Him and He will awaken you!”

77,5. Zorel says: “An instinct told me after my awakening that this carpenter’s son from Nazareth who was introduced to me beforehand, must be more than just a man. Finally the truth has emerged about my hazy premonition! It is above all very strange, that this man really looks so familiar to me! But how did he achieve such perfection? Can you provide me with any information on that score?”

77,6. John says: “I can tell you nothing more except that your question is forgivable. Otherwise it would be same as if you were to ask, how and in which manner God obtained His perfect wisdom and omnipotence. God Himself chose Him as His incarnate dwelling on earth! This is the supreme blessing which this Chosen One bestows on all nations. The human side of Him that you see is like that of the son of God; but in Him dwells the spirit of God in the fullest measure! {Col. 2 9}

77,7. If this is so, one can not ask how He reached such infinite perfection! This absolute state is the one in which He is now and will for ever be, just as He already was in His mother’s womb. Indeed, He participated in every strictly human activity except that he did not sin, a transgression which humans more or less always commit; but this did not enhance His spiritual perfection, as He was primordially already perfected. He acted and still acts in such a way that He shall constantly set all men a supremely perfect example, so that they will follow Him as the primordial creator and master of all being and life.

77,8. Now you also know who you are dealing with in Him. Therefore go to Him, so that He can show you the right way to that spirit, which dwells in you as the pure love of God and through your spirit or your love, to reach Him, who remains among us as the true salvation of all men who now live, have ever lived or will in future live on this earth.

77,9. However, when you go to Him, go with love for Him in your heart and not with the purity of your mind! Because only through love can and will you win Him over and also understand His divinity; whereas with your mind you will never achieve anything! Since only pure love is able to increase for ever, while limitations have been placed on the mind, which it will never be able to exceed. But the love of man for God is, as He Himself says, capable of increasing for ever, and the more strongly love for Him grows in you, the brighter your whole being will become! Pure love of God is a living fire and the brightest of lights. He who is bathed in this light, will never see death in all eternity, as He Himself has said. Now you already know many things; rouse yourself in your heart and turn to Him!”

77,10. However, after hearing these words, Zorel is awestruck and does not know what to think or what to do. These last words no longer leave him in doubt, that I safeguard the Godhead in all its fullness within My being {Col. 2, 9}. Therefore, because his reverence continues to increase and he becomes more and more faint-hearted and withdrawn, he says after a moment of very deep reflection: “My friend! The more I ponder the significance of your words, the more difficult it becomes for me, most unworthy as I am of His graciousness, to go to Him and ask Him, that He Himself should show me the brightly lit path of life! To speak frankly, it is nearly impossible for me to approach Him since I feel the aura of His holiness drifting towards me from Him. It constantly tells me: ‘Step back! You are most unworthy! Do penance for a year and only then come and see if you can touch the hemline of my garment!’ Tell me what causes this extraordinary anxiety which penetrates my whole being!”

77,11. John says: “This is quite correct; true love of God the Lord must always be preceded by humility in the heart! Where this is not the case, love can never ever emerge in a true and living way. Remain for a little while longer before Him with a truly contrite heart! If He calls you, however, do not delay and go quickly to Him!”

77,12. After these words, Zorel is somewhat reassured, but thinks to himself very profoundly how good and merciful it would be, to stand without sin before the Holiest.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-77 Chapter