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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-78 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Path to Eternal Life, Band 4 - Chapter 78-83)

Chapter 78 - The path to eternal life.

78,1. To Zorel's great astonishment I now say to him: "Whoever remorsefully confesses his weaknesses and repents in the true, living meekness of his heart is dearer to Me than ninety-nine righteous men who have never needed to do penance. {Luke 15. 07} Therefore, come to Me, My penitent friend, for the correct feeling of humility now dominates you, and I prefer this to the attitude of the righteous ones who, from the beginning of time, have called out in their hearts: 'Hosanna, God on high, as we have never desecrated Your holy name by knowingly and willingly committing a sin!' They do say that and have the right to do so; but they also look down upon a sinner with judgmental eyes and flee from his presence like the plague.

78,2. They may be compared to physicians who enjoy perfect health but who are reluctant to attend a sick person calling for help for fear of catching the disease themselves. Is it not true that a physician who is not afraid of any disease and hurries to every sick person who calls him, is to be preferred and is more worthy of respect? Even if he occasionally catches a disease, he is unconcerned and continues to help the sick as well as himself. This is how it should be.

78,3. Therefore, come to Me now and I shall show you what My disciple could not, namely, the sole, true way of life and love as well as the true wisdom which flows from love."

78,4. Encouraged by My words, Zorel took heart and walked slowly towards Me.

78,5. When he was standing before Me, I said: “My Friend, the path leading to the life of the spirit is beset with thorns and narrow. This means that you must bear with patience and meekness all the hurtful, bitter and disagreeable things that people will do to you in this life; and if someone wrongs you, you must not repay him in the same way, but turn the other cheek and you will, in so doing, pile up glowing embers above his head. If a man strikes you, do not pay him back in the same coin, but rather accept another blow from him, so that there is and will be peace and harmony between you for the heart can only develop and the spirit can only grow within the soul where there is peace.

78,6. Do not refuse anyone a service or a gift, provided that the request does not conflict with God’s commandments or the laws of the state, a judgment you will be quite capable to make. {Matt. 5 42},

78,7. If someone should ask for your coat, let him also have your cloak so that he may recognize you as a disciple of the school of God. If he does recognize this, he will leave you the cloak; if he takes it, his cognition is still extremely weak and you should not be sorry about the cloak but rather regret that a brother has not yet recognized that the proximity of the Kingdom of God is a reality.

78,8. With one who asks you to walk for an hour with him, walk for two, so that your willingness may testify to the school from which one must come who possesses such a high degree of self-abnegation. In this way even the deaf and blind will receive he correct signals to be able to realize the impending approach of the Kingdom of God.

78,9. The fact that you are all My disciples will be recognized from your works and actions, for it is easier to preach than to do the right thing. But what use is the idle word if it is not given life by a deed? What use are the finest thoughts and ideas to you if you lack the capacity ever to put them into practice? Thus, the finest and truest words are useless if you do not even have the will to express them in deeds. Action alone is of value while thoughts, ideas and words are worthless unless they are put to practical use in some way. Therefore, everyone who can preach well must also act in the right way, or his preaching is as worthless as an empty nutshell."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-78 Chapter