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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-79 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Path to Eternal Life, Band 4 - Chapter 78-83)

Chapter 79 - On poverty and brotherly love.

79,1. (The Lord:) "There are in this world a great many dangers which beset the soul. On the one hand, you have poverty and conceptions of “mine” and “thine” become progressively more ill-defined the more someone is oppressed by it. Therefore, never allow poverty to spread among the people if you wish to walk in safety. {a jl.ev04.079,01-07: Matt.06 01-04}

79,2. He who is already poor should ask his more prosperous brothers for help if necessary. If he finds them to be hard-hearted, let him turn to Me and he shall be helped. Poverty and deprivation are no excuse for theft and robbery and even less for killing the victim of a robbery. He who is poor, now knows where to turn. {a jl.ev06.227,16; jl.ev08.159,11-13}

79,3. Although poverty greatly plagues people’s lives, it nevertheless shelters within it the noble germ of meekness and true modesty and will therefore always remain among mankind Even so, the rich should not let it grow too powerfully or they will be in great danger here as well as one day in the hereafter.

79,4. As for the poor in your midst, I say this to all of you: You need not give them so much that they, too, become rich, but you must not let them suffer want. Help those whom you see and know, fairly and according to their needs. There will still be many in this wide world who will be terribly poor and suffer extreme want. However, you do not know them and do not hear their cries of anguish. I do not therefore make you responsible for them, only for those whom you know and who might come to you for help.

79,5. Anyone among you who will befriend the poor from the depth of his heart, will also find me to be a friend and a true brother who gives well-timed and lasting help and he will not have to learn inner wisdom from another wise man, as I shall pour it in abundance into his heart. He who loves his nearest poor brother as himself and does not cast out a poor sister regardless of her race or age, will find that I shall always come to him and reveal Myself faithfully to him. I shall speak to his spirit, which is love, and My words will fill his entire soul. Whatever he may then in future say or write will have been spoken or written by Me for the rest of time.

79,6. The soul of a hard-hearted man will, however, be seized by evil spirits who will destroy it and transform it like the soul of an animal. This is how it will then appear in the hereafter.

79,7. Give willingly and generously, for as you give so shall you also receive. A hard heart will not be penetrated by the light of My grace, but darkness and death with all its terrors shall dwell within it. {a Matt. 6, 01-04; b Matt.6, 04; Matt.16, 27}

79,8. However, a gentle and soft heart will easily be penetrated by the light of My grace which is of an extremely delicate and gentle nature. Then I Myself shall enter such a heart with the abundance of My love and wisdom.

79,9. This you should well believe. For the words that I am now speaking to you are life, light, truth and completed actions. Their reality is obvious to anyone who turns to them."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-79 Chapter