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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Path to Eternal Life, Band 4 - Chapter 78-83)

Chapter 80 - On carnal lust.

80,1. (The Lord:) "We have now looked at poverty and the dangers that may arise if it is allowed to gain too much ground; but we have also seen what can be done to prevent this and what advantages a person can gain who follows My advice to you all. Now this nuisance and annoyance has been dealt with, we shall proceed to another field which, although quite different, is still closely connected with the former. It is the lust of the flesh.

80,2. This is more or less the main evil for all of mankind. Nearly all physical ailments originate from this lust and definitely all the maladies of the soul.

80,3. Man finds it easier to abstain from any other sin but this one as the other sins have only external motivation whereas this sin has the compulsion within itself as well as in the sinful flesh. You should therefore avert your eyes from the tempting dangers of the flesh until you can exercise control over your own flesh.

80,4. Protect your children from the first fall from grace so that they may keep their chastity, and they will easily master their flesh as adults. However it only takes one small oversight and the evil spirit of the flesh will have taken possession. No devil is harder to drive out than the devil of the flesh. This end can only be achieved through an excess of fasting and praying.

80,5. Therefore, beware of exciting the little ones and of arousing their flesh by adorning them in too much finery. Woe betide anyone who offends in this way against their nature! Truly, it would be better for him if he had never been born at all!

80,6. I Myself shall punish offences against the sacred nature of the young with all the power of My wrath. For, once the flesh has been weakened, the soul lacks a firm foundation and it can not progress satisfactorily towards perfection.

80,7. What a major task it is for a weak soul to heal its fragile flesh and make it whole and unscarred again! How much fear it must often withstand when it realizes the fragility and weakness of its flesh, its earthly dwelling. Where does the responsibility lie? Insufficient control of the children and the many distractions the little ones are subjected to in various ways.

80,8. The deterioration of moral standards is always worse in the cities than it is in the country. As My disciples you must draw people's attention to this and point out to them the many evil consequences that will follow if the citadel of the flesh is breached too early in life. Many will heed your warning, and as a result there will be healthy souls in which the spirit can be awakened much more easily than is now the case in many instances.

80,9. Consider the blind, the deaf, the cripples, the sufferers from leprosy and palsy, and look also at all the children suffering from every kind of affliction, all of them as a result of a premature loss of bodily inhibition!

80,10. A man should not touch a virgin before he is twenty four years old - you know how this is mainly to be understood - and the virgin should be eighteen, or at least a mature seventeen. Before this time she is not properly developed, and if she is touched too early by a lustful man, her flesh loses its resolve, her soul weakens and fills with passion.

80,11. It is hard enough to heal the damage to the flesh of a man, but very much more difficult to restore a maiden if her flesh has been broken before its due time. Firstly, she will not easily bear completely healthy children and, secondly, her desire for intercourse will grow week by week and she may easily end up as a wanton, a disgrace to the human race, reflecting badly not so much on the woman herself but rather on those whose carelessness has brought her to this sorry state.

80,12. Woe betide the man who takes advantage of a virgin's poverty to invade and break her flesh! It would certainly be better for him, too, if he had not been born. Even he who sleeps with an already corrupt wanton instead of trying to turn her away from her ruinous path and to help her return to the right one, I will one day subject to severe judgment on many counts; to attack a healthy person physically is by no means as sinful as to mistreat a cripple.

80,13. A man who has slept with a fully mature and healthy maiden has also sinned, but there is not much harm done, especially if both partners are in good health, and the punishment in such a case is a lesser one. But if a man does this purely out of lust - even if the virgin is fully mature - without begetting a child, as he would do with a harlot, then he will be sentenced to twice the punishment. To do that with a harlot, however, incurs a punishment which is ten times as severe.

80,14. For a harlot is a maiden who is completely ruined and broken in her flesh as well as in her soul. Whoever tries to help her out of her great misery with an honest heart that is faithful to Me, he shall one day be great in My Kingdom. But anyone who sleeps with a harlot for money, thus making her even worse than she was before, shall one day receive the reward that every malicious killer is destined to receive in the bottomless pit that has been prepared for all the devils and their servants. {Rev. 21 8}

80,15. Woe betide the land and the city where prostitution is practiced, and woe betide the world where this great evil has gained ground! I shall set up tyrants to rule these countries and cities, and they will be instructed to oppress people with burdens in excess of their powers so that their flesh will suffer starvation and be compelled to refrain from the most heinous act a man can commit against a fellow human being.

80,16. However, a harlot shall lose all honour and respect, even with those who have contemptibly used her for money, and her flesh shall be inflicted with all kinds of diseases which are either incurable, or at least difficult to cure. If one of them should, however, mend her ways, I shall once more show mercy to her as well.

80,17. Furthermore, if a lewd person resorts to any other, unnatural means for the gratification of his desires, he will hardly ever be able to obtain satisfaction. Moses ordered death by stoning, and I do not completely reject this most severe punishment for such offences if committed by culprits who have fallen into the hands of the devil. My fatherly advice is howeverto remove these sinners from their communities, let them first of all suffer great misery at their place of banishment, and only when they return to the border of their homeland almost naked, take them back and place them in an institution devoted to the healing of souls. When they have proved their worth for some time, they may then re-enter their community; but if there remains the slightest trace of sensual inclinations, it is better to keep them under control for the rest of their lives, otherwise the decent people in a community may be corrupted by them.

80,18. You, Zorel, were not quite pure in this respect either; for even as a boy you were a shady character in many ways and set a bad example to your young companions. However, you cannot be made responsible for this because you did not receive an upbringing that would have guided you to the pure truth and would have shown you what is right according to God’s ordinance. You only began to understand what is right when, working in an advocate's office, you became acquainted with the rights enjoyed by the citizens of Rome. From that time onward you were no longer an animal of a man, but you had a first-class ability to misconstrue the law so as to deceive your fellow man wherever possible. However, all that is now in the past and with your present mind-set you now stand before Me as a better man.

80,19. Nevertheless, I still notice a good deal of lewdness within you. I particularly draw your attention to this and advise you to take very good care in this respect. Once you have somewhat improved your circumstances, your very weak flesh, that has not as yet been cured of its fragility by a long way, will begin to stir and you will have considerable trouble in calming it down and finally, in healing its affliction completely. Therefore, be moderate in all things, for the seed of all lasciviousness lies in excess and intemperance! Do not be immoderate, avoid intemperance in eating and drinking, otherwise it will hardly be possible for you to keep control over your flesh.

80,20. We have therefore now covered the subject matter of the flesh, as far as is necessary for you. We now wish to enter another area in which you can also be considered an important player.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-80 Chapter