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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-82 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Path to Eternal Life, Band 4 - Chapter 78-83)

Chapter 82 - Humility and arrogance.

82,1. (The Lord:) "There is another most important attribute in life through which the clearest victory and the supreme goal of life can be achieved, namely, the full rebirth of the spirit within its soul. This attribute is the direct opposite of pride and arrogance and is called humility.

82,2. Every soul harbours a feeling of superiority and ambition which may, at the least provocation, produce an all-consuming inferno of passionate anger that can not be smothered or completely extinguished until it has even engulfed its source. This ugly passion destroys the soul and makes it materialistic to such an extent that it becomes more unfit as a vehicle to reach inner, spiritual perfection than the hot sand of Africa's great desert is unsuitable to quench a thirst.

82,3. Because of the passion generated by miserable arrogance, the soul finally becomes like hot desert sand in which even the most primitive moss plant can not grow, let alone any other juice-laden or more desirable plant. So it is with the soul of an arrogant person. Its raging fire scorches, consumes and destroys from the ground up, all that is noble, good and true in life. A thousand times a thousand years will elapse before Africa's sand desert is transformed into friendly, richly blessed pastures. The sea will need to flood it repeatedly before that can happen.

82,4. Consider the example of a proud king who has been offended by his neighbour in some small way. His soul begins to burn intensely, flames of wrath shoot from his eyes, and his irrevocable solution is: “The most terrible revenge against the disrespectful offender.” The familiar very sad consequence is a devastating war in which hundreds of thousands must suffer because of their proud, overwrought king. The enraged ruler watches the slaughter and murder with great satisfaction and ostentatiously gives gold and gems as a reward to the most frenzied of his warriors who have caused his enemy particularly great and grievous harm.

82,5. Even if the king has robbed his critical opponent of nearly everything he possesses by exercising his overwhelming power, it is by no means enough for him! He insists on seeing him martyred in his presence in the most gruesome manner! No imploring or begging is of any use. And even if the offender has died in front of the king’s proud eyes under the most painful tortures, his flesh will then still be cursed in the most horrible manner and scattered as food for the ravens. Never will remorse touch the diamond heart of the king, while his rage persists or the African desert remains aglow. He will ever after inflict the most fearsome death on whoever should dare not to show the highest respect even for the place where the arrogant king is standing.

82,6. A king like this still has of course a soul; but what is it like? My response to you is: “Worse than the most fearsome place glowing in the sand of the great African desert! Do you consider that such a soul can ever be transformed into an orchard in God’s heaven? I say to you: “The desert in Africa will produce the most marvellous dates, figs and grapes a thousand times sooner than a soul like that will receive even the smallest droplet of divine love!

82,7. All of you should therefore beware of arrogance above all. Nothing in the world is more destructive of the soul than arrogance and pride constantly snorting with rage! An ever-present thirst for revenge is its companion, just as the everlasting and unquenchable thirst for rain is the constant companion of the great, glowing African desert where all the animals who walk on its surface are also quickly attacked by the same torment. In the same way, the servants of the arrogant king will finally also become immensely proud and thirsty for revenge. One who serves an arrogant master, must in the end become arrogant himself; how otherwise could he be his servant?!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-82 Chapter