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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-83 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT The Path to Eternal Life, Band 4 - Chapter 78-83)

Chapter 83 - Education for humility.

83,1. (The Lord:) “But how can a person protect himself against this most evil of all passions, since its seed is present in every soul and it quite often becomes noticeably excessive in children? Only through humility is this possible!

83,2. This explains why there is predominantly much more poverty than wealth among mankind on this earth with the effect that arrogance is kept on a tight rein right from the start. Just try to crown the very poorest beggar as king and you will be convinced that his former humility and patience have evaporated with the speed of lightning. It is therefore wise that there are only very few kings and very many humble beggars.

83,3. Every soul which has its origin in God as His concept and His will, possesses a feeling of majesty, the presence of which can already be seen in a child's bashfulness.

83,4. The shyness in children stems from their soul, as it begins to become conscious of itself, and it is through it that it reveals its unspoken dissatisfaction at finding itself as a spiritual being clothed in heavy and cumbersome flesh from which it can not free itself painlessly. The more tender and sensitive the nature of a soul, the greater will be its feeling of bashfulness. If someone experienced in children’s upbringing knows how to channel this indestructible emotion into proper humility, he creates in this attribute a guardian angel for the child and sets it on the right path. By following that path it can then easily attain early spiritual perfection. However, the smallest deviation in the path taken by this inherited emotion can immediately lead to arrogance and pride.

83,5. It is already a great mistake to convert this feeling of bashfulness into so-called childish ambition, as it makes a child regard itself as someone who is better than others. The child is easily hurt and offended and cries bitterly, its tears clearly revealing that somebody has offended its sense of dignity.

83,6. If weak and short-sighted parents then seek to appease the hurt child even only by a pretence of allocating responsibility and punishment to the person who hurt it, they thereby plant in their child the first seed requiring it to gratify a thirst for revenge. If the parents then continue to appease their child, they frequently create a devil to plague themselves and many others. Where, however, the parents are wise and start early to show their child the greater value in other people and other children, thus channeling the feeling of bashfulness into proper humility, they will then raise their children as little angels who will stand out as true examples to others, like beautiful stars in the night sky, and will be a comfort to them with their gentleness and patience.

83,7. However, as it seldom happens that children are brought up in such a way that the spirit is awakened within their soul, a person, when he has grown up and gained pure cognition, must above all strive to attain true humility. Unless he has rid himself of the last trace of arrogance, he will be unable to achieve, whether in this world or in the next, the full perfection of pure spiritual heavenly life.

83,8. Whoever may wish to examine himself as to whether he is already perfected in his humility, let him ask his heart if he can still be offended by anything at all; or if he could easily and from the depth of his heart forgive his greatest critics and enemies and do good to those who have harmed him; or if he does not now and then long for some worldly status; or finally if he enjoys feeling himself to be the lowest of the low so as to be able to serve everybody in every way. He who is able to do all that without regret or sorrow is already, here in this world, dwelling in God's highest Heaven and will remain in this state for ever. For0 through such humility not only does the soul unite completely with its spirit but also for the most part with the body.

83,9. Such a person will therefore never feel or taste the death of his body, for all the ethereal part of his body – the part which has true natural life - has already become immortal on this earth together with the soul and its spirit. {John 8 52}

83,10. Physical death will only separate the senseless and lifeless shadow substance from the soul, a process which can not cause the soul any fear or further pain, because everything which feels alive in the body has long ago become united with the soul. Therefore a perfected person can not feel anything at all after discarding the outer shadow substance, which is anyway always insensitive and therefore dead, just as a living person can not feel anything when his hair or fingernails are cut on his body where they grow from the flesh; or if he loses a scale from his skin, which may have become detached from the outer surface and is already without feeling. Those parts of the body which have never possessed a sense of feeling, can also not have feelings when the soul completely exits the body, because everything within the body which is alive and endowed with feelings, has already become completely united with the soul with which it now forms one entity which can never again be split asunder .

83,11. You have now seen what true humility is like and what it accomplishes; and so you will strive to acquire this virtue for the future. One who conscientiously follows my teaching will convince himself that these simple words, delivered without empty oratorical show, are not those of a man, but that they come from God. He who lives and acts accordingly will find himself on the right path to the true inner, spiritual perfection of life. However, tell Me now whether all that is clear and enlightening."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-83 Chapter