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Chapter 84 - Zorel's good intentions.

84,1. Zorel says, completely overcome by amazement at the great truthfulness and clarity of My rather comprehensive practical lesson in life: “Lord and eternal Master of all creation and of life! In my own person I have recognized You even before I heard you speak about this practical way of life. The words that came from Your mouth could not have been spoken by a mere man, but only by a God who has created heaven and earth and human life. I will however even more intensely bring into my life all the practical lessons that You, the greatest Love of all, have mercifully taught me!

84,2. I have understood everything and I strangely had a remarkable feeling that somewhere I had heard similar words before and even put them into practice. This could perhaps also have happened in a dream; because in real life I truly would not know, where and when such grace would have been shown to me! But it remains strange how every word from Your holy mouth has stimulated me in such a familiar and exceedingly friendly way! I therefore also understood everything very clearly! Nevertheless, be that as it may, these words and teachings, which so deeply, truly and faithfully touch upon everything that is called life by mankind, have never before been uttered by the mortal mouth of any human being!

84,3. He who, after hearing these words, could not find the right path to perfection in his inner, spiritual life and did not experience a compulsive desire to direct all his actions accordingly, should in truth either not be human at all, or he must have devoted himself totally to this stupid, dead world. His soul must have become completely as hard as a diamond, otherwise it is unthinkable that a man, who has heard and understood this teaching, should not rearrange his whole life accordingly These words must enable him to see the final goal as brightly and clearly as he sees the midday sun above him! So saying, however, I do not wish to boast as if I had already achieved something; but it is true that a perfect clear perception of the genuine truth of such teaching accepted into one’s consciousness of life, already counts for something, which - at least in my case - already has quite a considerable value in my life.

84,4. However, someone who understands this holy matter as clearly as I now do, will surely no longer play the fool, just as I will not, or prefer to plunge himself, despite all this vibrant insight and knowledge, into the excremental puddles and pools of this world, to fish for the stinking sludge in which he must finally suffocate. It is surely preferable to climb the sunlit heights of Horeb and Lebanon to collect the healing herbs, which cure and completely restore the health of sick souls in preparation for the everlasting life. As for the herbs growing there, I take them to signify the deeds, which one only can find, Lord, on the illuminated heights of the cognition of the truth of Your teaching, or in other words, the actions taken in accordance with the teaching received from Your mouth. ‘Horeb’ and ‘Lebanon’ stand for ‘divine truth’ and ‘divine goodness’, according to my way of thinking.

84,5. You, Lord, are mighty, holy and exalted above others as You stand here before me, - but never more mighty, more holy or more exalted than in those humans who have been transformed into Your children by Your love and wisdom!

84,6. Look, Lord, it also must give You the greatest joy, when one of Your creatures, previously only seen in human form, begins to listen to and understand Your fatherly words, and indeed finally, of his own volition, freely takes the irrevocable decision to proceed and behave in order to reach this holy perfection, which You as God, Creator, Father and Teacher, have placed before him as life’s most blessed goal!

84,7. How great Your joy as a father must be, when a man has reached perfection in Your holy order! However how great must also be the joy of a child, which both within and beyond the void of his creation, finally recognises You Yourself, in fulfilment of the true humility in his inner perfection, as the true and only Father! I would like to meet the heavenly angelic spirit, who, with an imagination as bright as the sun, could describe that joy. Equally, I would like to meet the man who with his present poverty of spirit could grasp the deeper meaning of that imagination, as it is only partly capable of being successfully understood! I have a vague premonition as it appears to me again as if I had somewhere dreamed something similar but this only seems to be a pleasurable reaction to the feeling that Your teaching, Lord, has created in my heart and in my will!

84,8. This is the joy of a sower, who is happily conscious that his field has been cleared of all theweeds and that the purest seed will be sown in his furrows. This thought surely raises optimistic hope for the harvest to be blessed.

84,9. My field is now well prepared as You, Lord, have certainly noticed, otherwise You would not have wasted the best seed by sowing it so plentifully. This realisation might actually produce an indescribable feeling of joy in me; I am certain of the outcome, because I am convinced that it is possible for me to adopt Your holy word to the fullest extent within my being. Once the cause is completely established, the great, holy effect will not fail to follow. I do not desire any half measures but a perfect whole. None of my deeds, therefore, should ever be half-hearted but each should always present a complete action, just as You have delivered Your teaching in a positive way!

84,10. When I was a scoundrel I was able to complete some tasks and in some cases I could not expect with any certainty that they would turn out favourably. If there was even only a slightly ill wind, all my hopes of prospering would be lying at the bottom of the sea! No one can however accuse me of being lukewarm or prove that I took any half measures. If I could complete something when I was a scoundrel, often without any prospect of even a partly successful outcome, how much more will I be able to avoid any half measures along this new path and turn my thoughts, words and deeds away from the demands of this world which has dragged me around for long enough, tethered like a fool.

84,11. No seed of any worldly thoughts and no trace of any worldly deed will ever affect me again and that certainly means, as my will is resolute, never ever! I can not however commit myself regarding matters outside my control, such as the proper needs of my body, since these, Lord, are in the hands of Your all-powerful will. But my thoughts, my ideas, my words and my actions will one day testify that even a Greek can keep his word and not break his resolutions once adopted!

84,12. It may also be that the blissful inflammation of my mind has caused me to say some things too rashly but no matter! Zorel will not forget what he has said here; and if he does not forget, he will act strictly in accordance with his words – even if it should cost him his life on earth! As I now clearly know and feel most vividly, that after the loss of my earthly flesh, it is most certain and true that there is another, incomparably more perfect life. On this earth, the flesh is therefore worth nothing more to me than an empty nutshell! I have had so often to stake my own life to gain tiny, earthly profit, so why not now, when I am more assured of reward than I can think, feel or say?!

84,13. Oh, I am not speaking now like an intoxicated fool, but I testify with the most sober mind on earth, that I have grasped and understood the full scope of the truth of the word of God! The fact that I fully understand it, proves that I now wish to sacrifice my earthly life for this holy truth and I am not just saying this to impress you with my oratory, but I am speaking now as I really feel in my heart.

84,14. There are people who are carried away by an extraordinary opportunity and therefore speak as if they wished to transform the whole earth into a garden even on the next day. If the opportunity should pass, however, they begin to think about everything they saw and heard, while their determination to act becomes more and more lukewarm by the day and their old, stupid habits soon replace the new decisiveness. With me this was never the case; for if I recognized something as true, I acted strictly in compliance with it until I fully convinced myself of something better.

84,15. My earlier actions never conflicted with my attitude to life, which was even in the forum in no way contrary to the noblest, mainly philanthropic common sense of the world. But how could I have ever anticipated, that I would ever make physical contact in this world with the Master of all being and life and that my common sense convictions would melt like wax in the sun in the presence of His refined wisdom and His very pure attitude to and conception of life! However, the unthinkable has taken place. God in all the fullness of the perfection of His everlasting power and wisdom stands in front of us all and teaches us not only about the immediate but also the eternal destination of mankind and his life, using simple, clear words, so that even a blind and dumb person will understand them right to their foundation! I can not therefore avoid opting for a decision in my life which I will never be persuaded to abandon, even if the world is reduced to ruins!

84,16. It is true that people who are nothing but vainly craven cowards, will always orientate themselves more towards the world than towards the holiest truth from the mouth of the only true God because the world also has its advantages in the short term such as gold, silver and precious stones! Weak people leave God for the sake of this excremental rubbish because He does not permit gold and silver to rain on them from the clouds. But I have now come to know the purest gold from God’s true heaven and I therefore despise from the depth of my being this tempting worldly rubbish! You, almighty Lord of eternity, must punish me immediately if one false word has escaped my mouth!

84,17. However, I pleaded to you to give me a little support, noble Cyrenius, only because of my stupidity and my poor state of mind; but I now withdraw that inappropriate request! Since the moment I discovered the treasures of heaven in such abundance, I no longer require the earthly ones any more; even my field and my ruined hut I do not need any longer, because I have seen and recognised God’s shelter in my heart. Sell everything and pay those here on earth to whom I owe something! I will however work and serve mankind in every way that is right before God. I am able to work because I have taught myself certain skills during my lifetime, and I am therefore a useful person. I will hopefully be granted the necessary amount of time in all respects so that I can ensure that my actions match my commitments, both now and for ever?!”

84,18. Say I: “Because I knew your soul quite well, I called you in the spirit, otherwise you would not have come to me here. However, as you have been so greatly transformed, your future needs will also be provided for. You will be a useful tool for Me among the Greeks on the coast of Asia Minor and also among those in Europe. There are many who long for the light, but are not able to receive it from any source. For the time being you are will be accommodated in the house of Cornelius, who is one of Cyrenius’ brothers. In that house everything will be provided for you. When the time comes for you to go out and promote My name to these nations, I will inform you in good time. When you have to speak, you will have no need to reflect on what to say as your words will be revealed to your heart and put into your mouth; and these nations will listen to you and praise Him, who gave you such wisdom and power.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-84 Chapter