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Chapter 85 - Zorel is entrusted to Cornelius.

85,1. (The Lord:) “However, it is now evening and our host Markus has prepared the evening meal. As we made a good catch with you, we will also ensure that the evening meal tastes as good as is possible on this earth. However, in My kingdom in the hereafter things will one day be somewhat better! After the evening meal we will not retire to sleep, but will devote ourselves to a completely different subject. Tomorrow, before sun-rise, we will take our leave for a while as I still have many places to visit. Raphael, go now to the women and tell them to return here to us. We have ended our discussion, which would have interested them very little if at all, and it is now time for the evening meal!”

85,2. Raphael goes and calls all the women. Jarah comes to Me and says: “O Lord! You are my love! It seemed like an eternity to me, until we were called back again; but now please accept my thanks that I am allowed to be in Your presence! Were we female beings really not permitted to hear what You were discussing with Zorel, My Lord?”

85,3. I say to her: “No, because it would have been much too premature for you females. Moreover, you have really missed nothing, as everything will be revealed to you at the right moment. Here comes the evening meal and you can enjoy yourselves greatly in the company of Josoe; and also Raphael, whom I will only introduce to Zorel after the evening meal; because he knows nothing about him yet.

85,4. Today after the meal we will again remain awake until morning and during this last night which I will spend among you in the flesh, you will see and hear a larger number of miraculous things than ever before. In this night you should completely understand, who He is who has just spoken to you in this way. However, no one is permitted to know anything of this beforehand! You, My dear Zorel, should stay close to Cornelius as he, and not Cyrenius, will henceforth be your provider!”

85,5. Says Cyrenius: “Lord! I certainly do not begrudge my brother anything which is in any way good; but I would have liked very much to have had Zorel with me!”

85,6. I say: “Your wish makes My heart very joyful and counts for as much as the deed itself; but of all those who have been converted here you have in any case taken the largest number under your wing! In Zinka and his companions you have a treasure. You also have Stahar, Murel and Floran, Hebram and Risa, Suetal, Ribar and Bael, Herme with his wife and daughters, and you now also have your two daughters Gamiela and Ida together with those whom I have chosen as your sons-in-law, as well as Josoe the wonder boy. It goes without saying that all their companions are yours as well and you should therefore be extremely content! Your brother just takes Zorel and he will for the time being serve his household well and later go to foreign parts to carry out the tasks of which I have made him aware. You will visit your brother quite often and have long discussions with Zorel. Are you still sad that I did not give Zorel to you?”

85,7. Cyrenius says: “My Lord! How can You ask me something like that?! You know that Your holy will alone is my greatest blessing, irrespective of what it may require! In any case one full month never passes without a visit to my brother or my brother may come to me, either for official reasons or merely out of brotherly love. Then there will surely be the opportunity to exchange a few words with Zorel!

85,8. Earlier you told the lovely Jarah that You will be performing a number of miracles during the night, as we have all become sufficiently devoted to Your presence. What will be the main event among them?”

85,9. I say to him: “My very dear friend! You will hear and observe this with all the others at the right time! But now see how old Markus diligently carries food to the tables together with wine, salt and bread. His daughters in particular require to build up their strength and we will therefore not undertake, speak of or discuss any of them before the end of the evening meal!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-85 Chapter