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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-86 Chapter

Chapter 86 - Excessive and appropriate humility.

86,1. Markus is now giving the sign to sit down on the long benches provided and Cornelius invites Zorel to take sit at his right hand.

86,2. Zorel refuses, saying: “Noble lord and commander! Spare me this please! You see, I feel I should sit at the place nearest to my wooden hut, preferably at the simplest makeshift wooden table, where your most servile and lowly servants and attendants are to sit, - not here and certainly at your right hand at the top table! This would be a fine way to show the humility which the Lord of all life has impressed on my heart above all other lessons!”

86,3. I say: “Zorel, my friend, your will is sufficient here! Therefore give Cornelius the pleasure! True humility is not in any case revealed in visible performance of a task but rather in the heart, in accord with perfect truth. Go to Jerusalem and see how the Pharisees and all the scribes walk around with humble faces wearing humble clothes, while at the same time their hearts are full of the most obnoxious arrogance and they consign everyone to the darkest hell who do not wish to dance to their tune - while a king with his crown and sceptre, if he does not value these baubles more highly than one of his subjects, can have a soul which is as humble as that of the most lowly beggar on the streets! Consider this point carefully as it will provide you with enough justification for your seat at the right of Cornelius at our table.”

86,4. Zorel says: “If this is so, then it will of course be all right!” - He now goes to the table and sits down as Cornelius requested.

86,5. Cornelius says to him: “My dear friend, I am therefore glad with my whole heart! In future, we wish to live and work together in the name of the One who has enlightened us! Regarding true humility My thoughts are: One’s heart should be filled with proper humility and neighbourly love, but one should not boast about it to the outside world. Since if I outwardly bow down too deeply before others, I make them arrogant and deny myself the opportunity to serve them in any useful way.

86,6. A certain degree of respect, which I am already entitled to expect from my fellow men as a person, I am never allowed to relinquish completely, because without it I am unable do anything worthwhile. Both of us will therefore be as humble as possible in our hearts, but we can and will not try to diminish the necessary respect which we receive!

86,7. Quite often we will have opportunities to see how some poor men have to support themselves by doing menial or highly undesirable work Should we, wearing the crown of humility on our heads, also go and clean up puddles and sewage?! I do not think this outward show is required; it is sufficient not to regard those people who perform such tasks as inferior beings to ourselves as God has assigned us totally different duties.

86,8. Firstly, a ‘must’ is great regard for our duties, not for our own sake but only, in front of other people, for the sake of these duties. In case of necessity, we are not allowed to clean up puddles and sewage ourselves, but we must leave this work to those, who have been destined by the Lord and by their nature to do it. We could also not stand for the work as we have not been used to it from our youth. Further, the Lord will surely not expect this from us but, as Father of all mankind, he requires of us that in our hearts we should not despise any person, even the greatest sinner, but do everything possible to save his soul! In this way, I believe, we will act correctly before God and all men.”

86,9. Says I: “Yes, this is right! True humility and true neighbourly love undisputedly dwell in your hearts - and not in outward show as with the Pharisees!

86,10. He who busies himself unnecessarily with bran and spent grain, must in the end not complain if he is consumed by swine!

86,11. Proper humility does also not require that the pearls of My teachings should just be cast before swine. Because there are people who are worse than pigs and My teachings are not suitable for them. These kind of people should rightly be used to clean up puddles and sewage, before My name and My words are made known to them!

86,12. In this case however do not look at the clothes or the outward dignity, but only at the behaviour of a man in his heart and in his soul! If this is noble, gentle and patient, only then preach the gospel to him, saying: ‘In the name of the Lord peace be with you and with all men on earth who are of good will!’ If a man who is blessed in advance, truly possesses good will and a good heart, blessed peace will remain with him, and the gospel which has been revealed to him will soon begin to bear the most beautiful fruit in heaven. I Myself therefore think and believe in your human way that you are all completely at home with the concept of proper humility!

86,13. As the food is already richly provided on the tables, we shall all eat and drink to our heart’s desire and be of good cheer. As I am in your midst as the true bridegroom of your souls, you may consume this well-prepared meal with Me most joyfully and with a contented mind! In the near future when I am no longer among you, you may sit at table with less appetite or jollity!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-86 Chapter