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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Life & the Development of the Soul after Death, Volume 4 - Chapter 90-93)

Chapter 90 - Soul and body.

90,1. (The Lord:) “We wish to undertake something else without delay! Zorel and Zinka, come a little closer to Me and tell Me, what you principally still wish to see and know!”

90,2. Both ot those who were called now come closer and Zinka says: “Lord, for people with an imperfect character like us, this is a very difficult question to answer! This is because there are many things we would still like to see and know and because there is so much left for us to see and to know, despite the fact that we have already seen and experienced so many things. However which of the endless selection of these things is the most necessary for us, is a completely different question, which we are not able to answer, because we still do not know by a long way which matters are really the most important for us. Therefore act as Your infinite love and wisdom indicates and without heeding our requests. Everyone will then see, hear and feel the best result!”

90,3. I say: “That is fine; I will see what can be done! I think, a truly reliable insight into the survival of the life of the soul after the death of the body, must be for you all a matter of the greatest importance and necessity. We will therefore investigate this topic a little more closely!

90,4. When speaking to you I have already shown you several times, what happens when the body actually dies, which different forms death can take as well as what the consequences for the soul and its spirit are and must be. If I were to explain this to you in long theoretical sentences, we would not be able to reach a conclusion in a whole year. To ensure your thorough understanding of this subject, I will illustrate it to you in words and actions and you will then grasp it.

90,5. "Before going into detail, let Me first tell you how body and soul are inter-related.

90,6. Listen carefully therefore. The soul as a composite entity and an agglomeration whose various elements combine with each other, is structured through and through as an ethereal substance. However the body too contains basic ethereal substances in its composition and is therefore related in essence to the character of the soul. This relationship is the property which actually binds the soul to the body, provided that it has not gradually and in the fullness of time migrated excessively to the purely material. Should that be the case, it would then bear only little or, in many cases, no resemblance whatsoever to the composition of the substance of the soul. If in fact any resemblance remains, the ethereal substance must first be separated from the body by the process of decay so that it can link with the, as it were, naked soul in the beyond.

90,7. But the soul that has absorbed too much that is material from its body must die just as the physical body, decay together with it and only after several earth years will it awaken, of course in a highly imperfect state. It will then be very difficult for the soul to force itself upwards to reach a higher sphere of light - because to this soul everything is tainted by the gloomy termination of its time on earth, with little life and great darkness lurking in every corner.

90,8. There can be no talk of awakening the spirit until time, hardship and all kinds of humiliation has detached and swept away the worldly darkness and the coarse or, in a certain way, bodily-substantial elements from the soul. In the hereafter this is much more difficult than on this earth, because there the soul must be kept in a certain isolation for a long time. The reason is that it is still too exposed, as it is so to speak a being without a skin and unclothed, not be consumed by another being, standing there at the height of his power and fired up by his higher life – in the same way as a droplet of water is destroyed and consumed on a glowing hot-plate. The words which I spoke to Moses when he asked to see Me, apply equally to any very imperfect soul in contrast to an already perfected spirit: ‘You cannot see God and live!’

90,9. The more highly charged a life has become, the more powerful, more mighty and more weighty it is as it stands on its own, and all life still suppressed at a lower level can never assert itself to attain a higher life, except at a certain distance. What is a mosquito against an elephant, or a fly against a lion?! What is a very tender mossy mildew against a Lebanese cedar more than a hundred years old. What is this earth against the great sun?! What is a drop of water against an intense fire?! - If one of you should step on an elephant, it will probably do nothing to the elephant; but if someone should step on an ant, its physical life is over.

90,10. However, whatever there is out in the natural world that we can already grasp with human hands, exists in an even more developed and impressive form in the kingdom of spirits. In every already independent life the insatiable need is present to integrate even more life into itself. However, the principle of integration is firmly based on love. If this principle above all were not to be part of a life, there would be no sun in infinite space nor any earth, and likewise no creatures on them or within them.

90,11. According to this principle, every independent life incessantly seeks to link with another similar and kindred life, and many individual lives and intelligent minds finally combine to form just one life and one complex and, therefore, more investigative intellect. In this way, many lesser beings of limited intelligence combine to create a being endowed with great common sense and much understanding."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-90 Chapter