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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-91 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Life & the Development of the Soul after Death, Volume 4 - Chapter 90-93)

Chapter 91 - The further development of poor souls in the world to come.

91,1. (The Lord:) “According to this vital and unalterable principle of being and life, if a supposedly poor and naked soul entering the hereafter should immediately confront a spirit, as for example our Raphael here, it would at once be devoured by him, as the sea consumes a single drop of water. I have therefore taken care throughout infinity, that a small, weak life, still naked in its stupidity, is always kept in isolation so that it can exist in its own individuality. Only those life forces are allowed to approach it, which are not appreciably stronger than the individual life as it stands there alone in its devastated and naked state.

91,2. These life forces can not consume each other because their individual egos are identical in power and strength. They still form associations and hold meetings, the outcome of which is never very positive since the quality of the wisdom possessed by each individual is identical to within a hair’s breadth. Imagine a council consisting of a group of very stupid people who wish to reach some wise conclusion and to combine forces to give it effect! What will be the outcome when they confer? Nothing but stupidity!

91,3. Even today we still have communities on this earth, mainly living on the islands, who have remained there undisturbed since the time of Adam. They are descendants of Cain and their cultural development is unchanged from the level it had already reached two thousand years ago. Yes, why does their culture not progress but has even taken a backward step as a result of all their many council meetings? Because the wisest among them was more stupid and more blind than any witless swineherd in this land! However, if the wisest among them knows nothing, what will the others learn who come to him for advice?!

91,4. One can of course now ask: ‘Now then, why did God not send any prophets blessed with His spirit to these nations?’ That brings us to the main point!

91,5. In these nations too many immature, naked souls still remain. A major revelation would consume them and would imprison them in an iron-clad judgement, from which it would never be possible to free them. They would transform the most noble and pure truth into impenetrable superstition and they would become so indoctrinated by it, that in the end even I Myself would not be able to find a way to free them from it.

91,6. It is therefore necessary that they stay as they are for another thousand years. Only after that time has elapsed will they receive visits from men whose cognition has been nurtured in a pure way; however, the intention is not to give them teaching for quite some time, but only to make them more aware by example. In so doing they will from time to time more and more frequently receive surprises which will stimulate them. If this continues to happen for a few hundred years, then these exposed communities will become rather better equipped in both mind and body but only then gradually become mature enough to receive a revelation from above.

91,7. And in exactly the same manner, but with significantly more care, the development and the perfection of the life of a naked soul of nature progresses in the life hereafter. It must be left by itself in complete darkness for as long until, driven by its own needs, it shakes itself free from its still partly materialistic lethargy and starts to ponder ever more specific thoughts within its heart.

91,8. If these thoughts become increasingly more insistent and more clearly defined, a new dawn starts to break within this soul. It begins to find a base on which it can stand a little and even in time gradually begin to explore a little. This ‘exploration’ implies the transition from one thought to the next or from one emotion to another. This is a search process, and every search must end in discovery as otherwise the seeker, if he finds nothing for too long a time, will finally grow weary of his fruitless quest and revert to his earlier state of lethargy.

91,9. But if the soul starts to find something in its diligent search, the discovery will give it a fresh and more determined drive to seek and inquire even more industriously, and if it then finds the scent of a being similar to itself it will follow this like a tracker dog and will not rest until it has found some evidence which at least proves the close presence of a kindred being.

91,10. The constantly increasing intensity of this search matures the soul which tries to satisfy its hunger using anything that it finds by chance to cloak the material body of the soul. Here and there the soul will even find something, no matter how meagre, to fill the stomach and satisfy the burning thirst. If the inner fire of life, as it constantly develops, generates intense cravings within a soul, there is always something extra which emerges to awaken some need for the soul to acquire it.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-91 Chapter