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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Life & the Development of the Soul after Death, Volume 4 - Chapter 90-93)

Chapter 92 - Guidance in the world to come.

92,1. (The Lord:) “The spirit which is giving guidance and leadership to a naked soul from some distance, must take the greatest care that, along the path chosen for the search, the soul will only find those things which will contribute positively to its perfection in life.

92,2. In time it may also find a similar soul, also driven by the same needs, with whom it will of course immediately start to communicate, just like two persons in this world who are dogged by one and the same fate. They question each other endlessly, feel sorry for each other and in time each gradually begins to seek the other’s counsel as to what they might do, to make their destinies somewhat more tolerable.

92,3. It goes without saying that the second soul need only appear to be similar to the first soul which has only recently left its total isolation. Otherwise it would be as if a blind man were to be given to anther blind man as his guide, creating a situation in which it would be only too easy for both to fall into a pit. They would then find themselves in a worse condition than the one they were in during the time of their total exposure..

92,4. The person perfected in spirit who meets a young searching soul as if by chance, must be careful not to reveal anything of his perfection, but must in the beginning present himself as a kindred young soul. If the soul laughs, he laughs with it; if it weeps, he weeps with it! However if the soul becomes angry about its fate, complaining and cursing, the spirit does join in as if he himself was somewhat angry about his (apparently) similar fate, but must always adopt an attitude of indifference, as if it was all the same to him which way things went! If things simply do not want to improve, then let them stay as they are! The result is that the young soul becomes more compliant and will be content with even a small advantage, which will again as if by chance, present itself.

92,5. If the immature soul has found a niche in the hereafter, it should be left there for as long it does not feel any desire to improve its fate; in fact, these souls resemble those people here who are content with only a very small piece of land which barely yields them enough to subsist on. Their desires do not include a longing for anything more noble, more perfect or even superior. None of it concerns them. In what way does the busy life of a king or a general matter to them?! As long they have something to eat and they sleep well at night, they are already very happy and never wish to have anything better for themselves.

92,6. The position is similar for a soul in the second stage, which, as I have shown, has left behind its state of naked exposure and has by its own efforts succeeded in being cared for in some way, so that it regards its circumstances as tolerable and has no further concern about anything. Indeed, it even fears and shies away from its desires, because it abhors everything which could involve it in any kind of trouble.

92,7. We now have made provision for a soul in the hereafter so that, for example, it has found employment with quite good people who supply its daily needs; or perhaps it has obtained somewhere, or even better found, an abandoned property with a little house and a well stocked orchard and a few milking goats, perhaps even a male or female servant. In that event, the guiding spirit then has nothing else to do for the time being than to leave that soul undisturbed in its home.

92,8. He should even leave the poor soul for a time, pretending that he is going to search for something better, which he says he has found when he returns. However this ‘better’ place is much more difficult to obtain and can only be earned by a great deal of trouble and hard work! The soul will then surely inquire about the nature of the trouble and the work and the guardian will answer the soul’s questions. If the soul feels so inclined, the spirit will take it to the place. However if the response is negative, the spirit will leave the soul in place and ensure that the garden produce is progressively reduced, until in the end it will not even yield the minimum that is absolutely necessary for survival!

92,9. The soul will now diligently apply all its efforts to making the garden deliver a greater yield; but the guardian must not allow the soul to reach this goal. The spirit must rather ensure that the soul recognises the futility of its endeavours, finally expressing the desire to give up the whole property and again take on employment, where the soul feels it can surely be satisfactorily cared for with fewer problems and less work.

92,10. If this desire is sufficiently forcibly expressed by the soul, it will receive further guidance and will be given employment with a heavy work load. The guardian will then go away again with some excuse, as if he had also found very hard, but otherwise quite well rewarded, work at another location. The soul will now be given employment which it has to carry out very precisely. It is explained and impressed on the soul that each and every negligent act will be punished by deduction from the negotiated wage, while voluntary work above the specified requirements will be substantially rewarded.

92,11. The soul will now either do what is required or even achieve more, or it will be unhappy about the work load, become lazy and as a result experience even greater suffering. In the first case the soul will be promoted and moved to less restricted and considerably more pleasant surroundings where there will be better prospects for its thoughts and feelings. In the second case the guardian will leave the soul in significant deprivation, allow it to return to its earlier humble abode where it will find a little something but significantly less than enough.

92,12. After a time, if some very pressing need might arise, the guardian, now greatly improved in his appearance and already the lord and owner of many properties, will come and ask the soul why the good job with its excellent prospects had been performed so neglectfully. The soul will now make excuses about the work being too hard and beyond its strength; but the spirit will then point out that all the efforts and trouble involved in running the meagre smallholding would be much greater without there being any prospect of ever achieving more than very basic results.

92,13. In this manner a soul will be brought to its senses, will again take on work and surely do better than before. If the soul does well, it will soon be helped to progress - but the feeling that it has not yet died bodily will be left unchanged Material souls retain this feeling for quite some time and must be given instruction in a suitable manner. This knowledge only becomes tolerable however, once the soul in its completely naked state has achieved stability in the body of its soul and is already well dressed. In this more stable condition the soul is able to accept smaller revelations as the germ within its spirit will have begun to stir.

92,14. Once a soul has progressed so far and has recognised that it now lives in the spirit world and that its future fate solely depends on itself for all time, only then will the proper path to love of Me and of one’s neighbour be revealed. This path the soul must then walk of its own absolutely free will as selected completely freely by its own self-determination.

92,15. If this path is shown to the soul as well as an explanation given of the goal it definitely must reach, the guardian will leave it again and will only return if the soul very seriously reaches out to him in its heart. If it does not call him then the soul is certainly following the right path. However, if the soul should deviate from it and take a wrong turning, the spirit will ensure that it experiences misery on a suitable scale. If the soul recognises its mistake and calls for its guardian, he will come and show it the complete futility of its efforts and endeavours.

92,16. If the soul again expresses the wish to better itself, it is again given employment, and if it fulfils its duties, it will be promoted again, but not as quickly as the first time, as it could easily fall back into its former material lethargy, from which it will be much more difficult to release it than it was the very first time. With every relapse the soul hardens progressively like a growing tree which, as the years pass, becomes more difficult to bend than it was during early growth.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-92 Chapter