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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-93 Chapter

(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Life & the Development of the Soul after Death, Volume 4 - Chapter 90-93)

Chapter 93 - The progress of the soul on earth and in the afterworld.

93,1. (The Lord:) “Here it goes without saying that there can be no talk of special cases, but only of the basic norm that during guidance here and more particularly hereafter, a soul is lifted out of its life-restraining materialism.

93,2. There are also countless variations, each one treated a little differently. There must nevertheless be a basic norm, to which all the others must conform, just as the earth must be fertilized by rain so that the seed that is sown in it can start to germinate. But how can the various types of seeds which are at rest in the earth waiting to become alive, extract the appropriate stimulus from the raindrops? This depends on the specific intelligence of the spirits within the seeds each of which knows quite well how to provide for its own dwelling.

93,3. I am explaining this to you so that you shall recognise how difficult and troublesome it is to progress to perfection of the inner life in the hereafter, and how easy and unrestricted it is here, when the soul still has its bodily substance around itself, when it can dispose of all its existing materialism as a priority, whenever and in whatever way it wishes. In the hereafter, however, this option is no longer readily available because the soul no longer has a material body and can not use its feet to glide over a material earth. There is only a spiritual plane which is composed of the thoughts and ideas of the soul, but this is certainly not suitable to adsorb and bury forever the materialistic elements which have been expelled by the soul.

93,4. Whatever falls to earth from the soul as a result has almost the same significance as taking a stone and hurling it into infinite space. Indeed, anyone who might have the strength to hurl a stone upwards or away from this earth sufficiently quickly and powerfully to exceed the speed of an arrow in flight by thirty thousand times, would most probably be able to reach a distance so far away from earth, that the stone would never fall back again. Any slower, less powerful throw would never achieve this result. Even if the stone is propelled some great distance from the earth the power of the throw is constantly diminished due to the continuous, far-reaching gravitational forces exercised by the earth and the stone will eventually turn around and fall back to its surface.

93,5. Furthermore, the same happens with the remnants of material sin still attached to the soul in the hereafter! Even if the soul expels them and casts them aside onto the surface of its world, the effort is of little value to her, even in some cases totally worthless, because the surface of the soul, on which it stands and moves in the spiritual world, is very much part of its being. In the same way in the physical world the gravity of this earth is an integral part, however far it may reach out, and it will not allow even one atom to escape from its pulling power.

93,6. If the soul in the hereafter wishes to rid itself of everything crude and material, a higher power must awaken within it and this is the power which abides in My word and in My name! For it is written in the record of God’s words: ‘Before Your Name, every knee shall bow in heaven, on earth and underneath the earth!’ {Isaiah.45 23; John 05 23; Phil.02 10; Rev.05 12}. This is intended to mean all the human creatures in the countless other worlds in the infinite scope of creation as the children of God, already perfected for ever, dwell in Heaven – but note carefully that on this earth there are exclusively God’s children-to-be. Since great preference is given only to this earth, this implies that in God’s eyes its worth exceeds that of all other world bodies. Morally they therefore rank beneath this earth, as do their inhabitants – a term which must be taken to mean ‘those who are living underneath the earth’.

93,7. A soul can therefore only be completely purified through My word and through My name. But this can not be achieved in the hereafter as easily as one might imagine as much preparatory work is required! The soul must previously be fully practised in all possible self-motivation and must have stable and substantial inner strength, before it is possible for it to accept My word and finally even My name.

93,8. Once a soul is able to do this, it will be easy for it to discard even the last remnant of materialism from its entire domain with the result that back-sliding is an impossibility for ever more. How and why, will now be revealed!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-93 Chapter