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Chapter 94 - The development of the life of the soul.

94,1. Cyrenius, who has listened with the greatest attention to everything, says: “Lord, I can not really say that I have not understood everything although most of it is quite clear. I do however think that if all this were at any future time to become unclear to me on this earth, this fact would then make me unhappy! Since everything that I have heard from Your holy mouth is nevertheless a little over the head of even the most perceptive human mind and therefore a little more light shed at some later time on some of the issues could not perhaps be regarded as excessive!”

94,2. I say: “My friend, you Romans have quite a good proverb, which says more or less: Longum iter per praecepta, revis et efficax per exampla! (Long is the path by teaching, but short and effective by example). It can be applied quite well here too! Wait for the examples which follow and which I will allow you to see in quite a miraculous way! They will clarify the points that are now still unclear to you; but the real essence of the matter you will only understand, when the pure spirit of everlasting truth comes over you and gives you guidance in all the truth of Heaven and of all the worlds.

94,3. But have you not you noticed that in nature there is only one law regarding the growth of all plants and animals?!

94,4. Look how all plants grow and reproduce from within; they extract from the moisture of the earth the substances appropriate to each one which are finally fed into them or into their lives, once they have been purified in many thousands of channels and capillary tubes.

94,5. Animals basically take their nourishment from the same source, the only difference being that it either comes from the organism of plants or from the more refined flesh of the lower orders of animal species which is of course in a much purer state than in the original humus on this earth.

94,6. At the end of the chain, mankind enjoys the already highly refined and very pure output from the plant world as well as from the animal kingdom. He no longer feeds on hay, grass and straw. From the plant world he mainly only uses corn and from trees the superior, honey-sweet fruit. From the animal world he mainly enjoys the produce considered to be the most pure and is disgusted by the meat of animals with very unclean habits.

94,7. But how many deviations, aberrations and detours exist if we only consider the physical expansion of the plant and animal kingdoms; yet each one still reaches its goal! It can not go unnoticed by the observant eye of a researcher in natural science that one thing always serves another and is there to enhance it and promote its future active life

94,8. Life must pass through the different elements in nature. First it is in the ether where it gathers to itself identical, similar and related substances. The effect is that it becomes heavier, then contracts to form its own core. It now continues to increase in weight and finally generates from within itself the already heavier, tangible substance of life.

94,9. As air, it agglomerates again as it did high in the ether, forming clouds and fog, which again condense to become water droplets and fall in the form of rain, hail, snow or dew on the earth below. In some areas they even remain as a persistent haze or damp humidity in the air.

94,10. Water, still a very subordinate element of life but already classed above ether and air, must now start to serve the already quite varied and higher-ranking media in the life concentration sequence. First of all it must soften and reduce denser and even rock-hard life substances into coarse particles and must also serve to receive and convey them onwards within itself, which means to accept it into the element that is water. This is its first contribution.

94,11. Subsequently it must give out the essence of life to plants, in other words, the particles of soul-like substances. If as time passes, these particles in the plant gradually and increasingly develop into some form of intelligence, they will again be taken up by the water and by the moist air; and this water must now provide them with the substances necessary for them to become new and less restricted life forms. Thus water still performs a service in its own sphere, but every hour myriads and myriads of tiny particles of living, intelligent soul substance are set free and become ever more self-sufficient.

94,12. However, plant life must again accept and provide several services some of which are already more complicated. Those performed by water are still very simple, while the services rendered by plants in the further promotion of life are, as can be seen by closely inspecting even a very simple plant, already very complex. 13) The services rendered to promote life’s souls are even more varied and significant in the most primitive and simple animals which are closest to the plant world. In this way, service becomes increasingly complicated with each upward step in the configuration which life adopts.

94,14. Once the soul’s life has completely and entirely been transformed into human form, service is its first priority. There are various natural services each of which is imposed on every human form as a ‘must’; but in addition, there are also a countless number of more optional ones and an even greater number of very free moral services which are handed down to mankind. As a result, if man proves himself to be a loyal servant in every respect, he promotes himself to the highest state of perfection in life. In fact this does happen with a few people, who have from birth been placed on a higher plane; but with other people who are so to speak still standing close to the boundary with the animals, it does not happen on this earth and their further development can only make progress in the hereafter - but with the rendering of service invariably being the fundamental path to follow.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-94 Chapter