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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-95 Chapter

Chapter 95 - The purpose of service.

95,1. (The Lord:) “Humility is primarily revealed and promoted through service and it is often the case that the more submissive a service appears to be, the more suitable it is for the true development of life. Humility itself is nothing other than the increasingly more intense concentration of life within itself, while arrogance is a posture which becomes increasingly uncontrolled, spreads itself around endlessly and finally causes an almost complete loss of life, which we shall call the second or spiritual death.

95,2. Arrogance brings an end to the provision of service and therefore also ends all further advancement and development of life. If the arrogant domination of the lives of others had been a specific requirement, I would surely have laid down an ordinance that no man would have an unlimited right to rule. However; as this is contrary to My eternal order, every man and every angel must accustom themselves to the practice of serving others and finally find the utmost joy and bliss in the constantly increasing and expanding scope of the services they offer to their fellows.

95,3. Without service, these factors can not exist: there can be no life, no sustainable life-span, no happiness, no pleasure and no love, no wisdom and no joy in living, neither here nor in the hereafter; and anyone who considers there could be a heaven totally without service but with laziness and idle revelry in abundance, is grossly mistaken!

95,4. This is actually the reason why the most blessed spirits in the highest heavens possess strength and power which nearly matches My own, so that they are able to provide Me and all the men whose lives are already being tested here in this world, with service of a high quality. For what other purpose would the possession of a level of power and strength capable of creativity be useful?! Do you need strength and wisdom to do nothing?! If diligence and service capability are already of indescribable importance to you in this world, how great must their significance be, not just for the spirit world but for infinity as a whole!

95,5. I surely did not come among you to make you lazy, or only to teach you how to farm or breed cattle or similar skills, but to make you competent to labour in the great vineyard of heaven. My teaching to you is aimed, firstly to achieve in you true perfection in the scope of your inner life, and secondly, so that you, perfected in your lives, can become My competent and diligent workers, even here, but more particularly one day hereafter in My kingdom.

95,6. If this were not to be My final goal and I were to say to you: ‘Just busy yourselves here; one day in the hereafter in My kingdom you will be able to indulge yourselves with the best food and wine for eternity and stare at the splendour of your God!’, I would then be more stupid than the most stupid person among you. Of course you will be able to gaze upon God’s wonders for ever, but not without your active participation. It will actually be your responsibility, to add to these heavenly wonders and constantly to improve their splendour and more divinity!

95,7. It is My wish, that from now on all My thoughts and ideas shall only be fully activated by you in this world for the benefit of the souls, the hearts and the spiritual well-being of your brothers and sisters. In the hereafter, however, this will involve all the great realities from your innermost spiritual sphere of creation up to and including your most outward show of material development, followed by repeated regression to your enhanced, pure, independent, spiritually perfected life. To achieve that, my friends, infinitely much more time, patience and hard work will be required, together with an equally impressive show of comprehensive wisdom and strength!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-95 Chapter