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Chapter 96 - Insight into the secrets of the Creation.

Insight into the mysteries of creation

96,1. (The Lord:) “Please do not believe that a small earth like this one can be created from one day to the next and be instantly populated! For that to happen, more myriads of earth years are required than your minds can imagine. What an immeasurably long period of time is required before a world has matured enough to germinate a human being! How many plant and animal species must have fertilized the earth’s soil as they ferment and decay, until its soil contains, as a product of the plant and animal residue, the particular quality of humus from which the first strong soul is able to generate a body in which to dwell in and can then arrange it so as to comply with divine ordinances. These requirements include the provision of service and the ability to reproduce its own image, so that perfect and free souls without a body will no longer require hundreds of years to create one out of the hazy vapours, but are able to achieve this end in a much shorter time in a mother’s womb equipped with everything necessary.

96,2. Just remember that to achieve all this, a great deal of time, wisdom and patience is required as well as infinite strength! Since you, and to an even lesser degree I Myself, will never cease to think new thoughts and grasp new ideas, creativity will continue for ever as I can not think empty thoughts and neither can you! Once a thought has been perceived as a separate entity, it must have a shape; and once it is present as a shape, it is already spiritually shrouded in a skin, standing there before us as an object capable of adsorbing light, otherwise we could not observe it as a shape of some kind. Therefore, as long as I can create thoughts and ideas from within Myself and you can similarly absorb them from Me, the process of creation will be impossible to stop. Infinity will never suffer a shortage of space and we shall never experience the boredom of inactivity.

96,3. When there is much to do, many services are required, depending on the degree of capability of those to whom a task is assigned. Someone who has acquired for himself many positive qualities in My divine order, will also be given wide responsibility; but one whose character has remained undeveloped, will be given charge of very little. One whose character has made no progress at all here on earth, will certainly suffer in darkness in the hereafter until he, by his own inner, freely independent efforts has progressed enough to be able to offer some kind of lowly service. If he performs this humble duty well, he will be given something more important to do; but if his performance is poor, he will even be denied tasks that he could quite easily accomplish with his very limited ability.

96,4. Whoever has, will be given even more, so that he will have plenty; but he who has not, from him will be taken even the little that he already had, {Matt.13 12; Matt.25 28ff.; Mark 04 25; Luke 08 18; Prov.09 09} and again night, darkness, hunger, misery and all kinds of suffering will be his fate for as long he can not bring himself, firstly to bestir himself and then in so doing to achieve some greater capability to give service.

96,5. You must all therefore work diligently here and not let yourselves be blinded by the treasures of this world, which will vanish in the same way as the present materiality of this entire creation which is visible to the eye of the flesh. You must rather prefer to collect even more spiritual treasures which will endure for all eternity! The more you are clever providers and managers in the sanctuary of your hearts, the more spiritual treasures you will accumulate there by performing all manner of good works and the better off you will be in the hereafter! He who skimps and cuts corners here, will only have himself to blame, if he finds that the store in his heart is nearly empty.

96,6. Here it is easy to collect treasure as everything, that somebody does with good will out of love of God and for his neighbour, is accepted as the purest gold; but in the hereafter he must, from himself and within himself, acquire and pay for everything with the purest gold of his own inner, totally dedicated activity. This, My friends, is somewhat more difficult in that kingdom as no gold or silver mines are in evidence!

96,7. Here you can make gold from the most disgusting filth discarded on the streets and buy heaven with it, if your heart is truly in favour of the purchase. In the hereafter, however, you will only be able to produce purity within yourself by using the most pure sources and this will prove to be even more difficult than to obtain gold from the most worthless pebbles here on earth. On the other hand, someone who has already stored up a massive amount of gold here through his noble good works, will have no shortage in the hereafter; since a particle of this noble metal in the spirit, only as large as a grain of sand, will form a lump as large as the world in the hereafter and this would of course already be a considerable provision.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-96 Chapter