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Chapter 97 - The right pursuit of brotherly love.

97,1. (The Lord:) “But now I see in some of you evidence of an evil thought which Satan has secretly whispered to you! This thought runs as follows: It cost you a great deal of trouble and work to obtain your gold for you and your descendants; should you now waste it on those who have squandered their lives in all kinds of lazy inactivity?! Let them work and earn their bread in your employment, perhaps a scant reward but in accordance with their deserts! Anyone who can not and does not wish to work should perish like a dog on the open street!

97,2. I am telling you that that was an evil thought which came into your heads! How is a blind man to work? Yet he is your brother with the same right to live as you have, you who can see and hear and have are straight-limbed. How are poor old people and the weak children of impoverished parents to work, if they lack the necessary strength? How are the lame and the crippled to work for the wages offered, which you have set at the minimum possible level?

97,3. How should those people work who look for jobs every day and find nothing? Whoever they go to, they are turned away, as there is currently no work for them. Nevertheless, your evil thought still reproves him that he should look for work which, just as with you, can not be found elsewhere. This man will eventually become a beggar and then you will revile him, calling him a lazy good-for-nothing. Another may become a thief; he will be trapped by all of you like a wild animal, ill-treated and thrown into a dungeon. A third may even become a murdering thief or at least a robber on the streets. When you have caught him, he will be condemned, thrown into a dungeon and shortly afterwards tortured and killed.

97,4. This is the outcome of the evil thinking, which the prince of darkness constantly whispers very secretly into your ears. But from now on it should be different! Such thoughts belong in hell and they should never find a place in your minds again.

97,5. It is not therefore required of you that you should distribute all your possessions among the poor. On the other hand as My disciples, you should however become wise managers of the property entrusted to you and ensure that you do not allow the blameless poor to suffer privation and pain if they should come to your door!

97,6. Consider the example of our friend Ebahl from Genezareth! As he is an innkeeper, he has accommodated thousands of poor folk of all kinds from locals to foreigners from far away. He never showed aversion or any kind of anxiety about his own family. Yet his fortune has never diminished! On the contrary, he now owns so many impressive earthly treasures that he could use them to buy a huge kingdom for himself. The innkeeper only values all these possessions because he is so much more in a position to give his powerful support to even more poor people. He concern for his whole household and his children only extends so far as to ensure that they all should become strong and powerful in their recognition of the only true and unique God. I therefore take care of everything else in his house and I assure you that his household will never suffer any deprivation!

97,7. However to those who are fearful, I leave the care of their house to them alone and I never overload their barns with wheat and grain, nor will their cellars overflow with wine from their wine-press. The trees in their orchards will not groan under the weight of My munificence and their ponds will not become too murky because of an excess of the highly prized fish. The cattle in their fields will not be the fattest in the land! Here, as also in the hereafter, there should be no expectation of greater advantage! Whoever builds with little trust in Me, shall also reap his reward in accordance with the quality of his trust! My generosity to any man will match his degree of trust and his beliefs and these are always the fruit of his love for Me and for his neighbour.

97,8. Therefore be consistently and constantly compassionate and you will always receive compassion from Me! The way you treat your poor brothers and sisters, is the way I will treat you. I give this advice to all of you: Always be prepared to serve each other, strive to outperform each other in good deeds and love each other truly just as I love you. Your behaviour will then show the entire world that you are truly My disciples and that in your spirits you are truly My perfect children.

97,9. It is the task given to all My children, that on this earth they should at once begin to occupy themselves with the activity most prevalent in My heaven - everything there only has to do with love. Any wisdom which does not stem from the flames of the light of love, will be acceptable in My heaven and will not be allocated any task to perform!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-97 Chapter