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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-99 Chapter

Chapter 99 - On right and wrong service.

99,1. (The Lord:) “The most important watchword is therefore ‘Service’ throughout all the spheres of infinity, in the great natural world as well as in the boundless kingdom of the spirits!

99,2. Even the wicked inhabitants of hell understand this, but there is an immense disparity between their concept of ‘service’ and that practised by the inhabitants of the heavens: In hell everyone fundamentally wishes to be served; and if one of them does another one a service, it is only done to catch the eye, and the service is therefore always highly self-interested and bogus in that the first one wishes to deceive the other, just to make sure he can dig his claws into the other more deeply at the next opportunity and gain an advantage for himself from his downfall.

99,3. The reason why a soul in hell lifts his betters in an upward direction is that he is doing what a certain kind of vulture does with tortoises on the sea shore. For example, one of these helpful vultures sees a turtle struggling to wade around in marshy ground, trying to reach firm ground to find plants to satisfy its hunger. The hungry vulture first of all provides it with a service by lifting it out of the marsh and dropping on dry land rich in plant life. Soon the turtle begins to search for plants it needs. The vulture watches it for a while and only makes stealthy attempts to test the hardness of its shell. As its sharp beak can not however extract any meat from the shell, it leaves the poor turtle grazing quietly until it fearlessly and impudently puts its head out of the shell in its hunger for more plants.

99,4. When the vulture notices this new confidence in the turtle, it grabs the soft, fleshy head with its claws, lifting the turtle high into the air and carrying it to a place where it has seen a hard rocky surface. There its claws let go of the turtle and its descent to its death begins. Reaching the rocky ground with the speed of an arrow, the shell is smashed to pieces, and the vulture, which accompanied its victim downwards at the same speed, is on hand equally quickly to enjoy its reward for its earlier diligent service by stuffing its ever hungry stomach with turtle meat. - There you have a true picture from nature of hellish enthusiasm to offer a service.

99,5. Although this is of course a service it is an extremely self-serving one. Therefore if one person performs a somewhat self-interested service for another that is more or less in the same category as service in hell and can not possibly, with this affinity, have any value before Me or in My heavens. Only an act of pure unselfishness that can be judged by heavenly standards is regarded as true and therefore pure and only an act which satisfies this test can be given full value in terms of truth and perfection before Me and My Heavens.

99,6. If therefore you serve another, provide that service in a loving and truly brotherly way, as is the custom in Heaven! If someone requests a service from you, perform it with in pleasure and love, and do not ask the recipient for any reward before delivering the service to him which is the custom among pagan folk, who do not know the true Father in heaven and have derived their customs more from animals than from God! Proof that it prevails to this day lies with the old Egyptians, whose first teacher was a bull which urged them to exercise their minds and which they even now still worship as a god.

99,7. If somebody has provided you with a good service, you should not ask him: ‘My friend, what do I owe you?’, but you should reward him for the good service he has rendered in the best way which lies within your power and with all the love and joy in your heart! If the provider of that good service notices that, he will embrace you and say: ‘Look here, my noble friend, I have only done you a very small service and your reward is too generous! One tenth of that is more than sufficient and I only accept that much as proof of your brotherly love which is so dear to me!’

99,8. If the service provider therefore speaks to his master on the basis of his true and profound convictions, does it not inevitably follow that the servant and the master have become true heavenly brothers?! Very much so, and the true Kingdom of God shall come to you, imposing its heavenly rule on you with its sceptre of light and universal grace.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-99 Chapter