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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-10 Chapter

Chapter 10 - A gospel for the female gender.

10,1. Said I: ”Easy, My dear daughter! You only have to hold yourself back more and not be impertinent towards experienced men! Then you have to never immediately pass a judgment according to appearance, but wait on what the worldly wise men will say about one or the other experience

10,2. Only if anybody possibly made a small mistake, is it time to delicately and kindly tell him how and where he took a shot in the dark, - but never earlier than that!

10,3. It would not be good if girls taught experienced men the truth; but if the men take an unwise side step from the right way, then it is the right time that a woman interferes and delicately and kindly says, “My friend, be careful because you are pursuing a wrong way! The matter is like this and that!’ This will make the man happy, and he will gladly listen to the lovely, delicate and kind voice.

10,4. But being impertinent is not good and will only make the man cantankerous and sullen, and he will often not pay attention at all to the beautiful, kind voice of an ever so graceful woman.

10,5. See, this is also a gospel, but only for your gender! The woman who heeds it will always have good days on this earth, but the one who does not heed this gospel will only have herself to blame if she is not respected by men.

10,6. A proper woman is a symbol of the highest heavens – and an improper, headstrong woman, who wants to dominate, is a reflection of Satan, who is already in the worst, lowest and deepest hell.

10,7. A proper woman must never completely lose her temper with a man because the greatest patience and humbleness must prevail in the feminine nature. In it the man must find the real peace for his tempestuous temper and become kind and patient himself! However, if the woman started making a racket before the man, what should a man do as he is anyway always more tempestuous than calm?!

10,8. So never be pert, My otherwise beloved daughter, - else you would have the opportunity to get angry more often, when someone reprimanded you again! – Did you understand me?”

10,9. Jarah says, “Understood, - but now my heart feels heavy because I was foolish and impertinent. I had been quiet for several hours and it was good; but I had a longing to talk a little and it would have been better, if I had continued to be quiet. But from now on my tongue will be at rest, like no other in a woman’s mouth!”

10,10. I say, “That, my dear daughter, is not strictly necessary, but you should be quiet, when you are not asked to speak! If, however, you are asked to speak and you are quiet, the man will regard that as really thick stubbornness, spite, and trickiness and will turn his heart from you.

10,11. Thus speak at the right time, and be quiet at the right time, but at all times with gentleness, love and devotion; that is a woman’s most beautiful adornment and is a lovely life flame let most appropriate to enliven any man’s heart and make him gentle and soft!

10,12. Maidens often have a lurid bad habit and it is called vanity, which is nothing but a quite healthy seed of pride. If a young girl lets it burgeon inside herself, she has already forfeited her heavenly femininity and has come very close to Satan’s form. A vain young girl is hardly worth laughing at, but a proud and arrogant woman is carrion among people and for that reason everybody rightfully despises her deeply.

10,13. That is why, My daughter, never be even a little vain and even less proud and arrogant, and you will shine among many like a most beautiful star in the sky! – Did you grasp and understand everything?”

10,14. Jarah says, “Oh yes; but do not be upset with me because I was really foolish!”

10,15. I say, “Do not worry about that! – Mark is coming back with his family and we shall see what they will tell us!”

10,16. When Jarah leaves it well alone and starts to think about the vanity issue especially, Mark comes to Me once again with his entire family, and his wife and children start praising and commending Me beyond all measure.

10,17. I, however, bless them and tell them to rise from the ground, and say to the wife and children, “You and especially Mark, who will instruct you on everything afterwards, knows what this means and how you will be able to assure My benevolence forever, as well as My help whenever you will need something extraordinary.

10,18. But because you were the whole time so assiduously and intensively concerned with My and My disciples’ material well-being, I have given you everything that you just saw as a return gift and have arranged everything so that it will serve you now and forever to your best advantage. But now let Raphael show you how everything is to be used because the knowledge to adequately make use of such an estate belongs to it as well!”

10,19. I then summon Raphael and tell him ”Go with them and show them how to use everything properly; and show the two sons how to use the five sailboats and how they can use every kind of wind! Through that they shall become the first and best sailors on this entire sea, and all the ships on the great sea are soon to be adapted to their kind, which will be useful to the Romans.” – Thereupon happened that which I instructed the angel to do.

10,20. I, however, also said to Cyrenius, “Let some of your most receptive servants go along, so that they too learn something for your worldly needs! Because I want all those who follow Me to be wise and competent in all things.” – Thereupon, according to My advice Cyrenius ordered some of his servants to go along and also let the boy Josoe join them because he greatly liked navigation.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-10 Chapter