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Chapter 106 - The angels' limited comprehension of the thinking of the Lord.

106,1. Roklus says, “My very most valued Stahar, so many words were really not needed; for I immediately understood you in any case, and I am of the active opinion and fullest hope that we both, serving one and the same purpose, will surely bring the most blessed success into being. The Lord will not leave us without His help, and so we are going towards a certainly most beautiful future which will be fulfilled on the other side in the most glorious way, even if never fully here on Earth. But now let us return to our places again! The somewhat nasty wind is dying down, and nonetheless the heavens remain fully clear with their countless stars. If I am not mistaken, the Lord looks as if he is about to do something else or to give us a new lesson – and that means we must be all eyes and ears!”

106,2. Stahar also notices this and says, “Yes, yes, you are right, something is happening, and as I have noticed, His nearest company does not know what is going on! Cyrenius is asking Him secretly what He is planning, it is true; but this time the Lord does not seem to want to come out with the correct answer! Yes, yes, my dearest Cyrenius, a god is still a little more than a Caesar of Rome!”

106,3. Roklus says, “You still dislike the Romans a little, as it seems to me! But that does not matter; for here and there they have certainly exaggerated their role and played at being the lords of the world! But now to our places!”

106,4. Both now head to their tables. When Stahar takes his place again, immediately several ask him what he had discussed with the Greek; Stahar however waves aside such womanish curiosity and says nothing for the time being.

106,5. But Raphael occupies himself a little with Roklus and says, “Well, is it easier for you now?”

106,6. Roklus says, “Certainly; for now I know on the path of personal experience how I am in relation to old Stahar, and I am quite exceptionally glad to have found my opinion confirmed most completely even with Stahar, so that almost no priests, of whatever religion he may be, believes himself what he makes other people believe with fire and sword! For Stahar was also a full atheist as I was, and only became a true believer in God here along with me. But now no further word about it! You, friend from heaven, do you not notice that the Lord is planning something? Either there will be a deed or He will say something!”

106,7. Raphael says, “Certainly; for the Lord never rests and constantly has an infinite number of plans! Why should He suddenly now intend somewhat less than otherwise is always the case?!”

106,8. Roklus says, “My heavenly friend, I know that as well as you; but it is now only a matter of whether He is now planning something quite special!”

106,9. Raphael says, “Well yes, you will soon see what will happen. The Lord does not always reveal to us what He desires to do, although we are the personified expression of His original desire. We as the emission of His divine life, desire and being are the closest to Him and are basically nothing but that expression of divine will and divine power, but not in His personal essence, but instead existing and working outside the same. We are approximately the same around God as what light flowing from the sun is, which animates, forms, creates, matures and perfects everything everywhere, wherever it goes.

106,10. If you hold up a mirror to the sun, you will see the image of the sun exactly in the mirror, and the beam of light streaming to you from the image of the sun will warm you just as much as the direct beam from the sun itself, and if you catch the sunbeam with an Alexandrian mirror, which is also called a concave mirror, the beam thrown back again will express a much greater light and warmth than that of the light flowing directly from the sun. And that is what we archangels are spiritually; each spiritually perfected person will be the same to an even greater degree.

106,11. But despite all that, as nonetheless no mirror, not even an Alexandrian one, can depict everything that is and occurs in the whole inner sun, neither can I see within me what the Lord thinks Himself and decides. At the right time His intention will then begin to shine out, and I and all those like me will immediately fully take in the same into our being and carry it into all infinity; therefore we also carry the name ‘supreme messengers’, because we are the bearers and executers of the divine will. And look, my very most treasured friend Roklus, just now the Lord is deciding something; but I do not know what it is, because the Lord is still keeping it firmly to Himself and not letting anything transpire!

106,12. Oh, there is still endlessly much within the Lord that we do not know and will also never know with our drive to investigate! But whenever He wants it, then we will become aware of it and subsequently fully active. By the way, you have only to pay attention! Something hearty will happen; but what, that will be shown soon!”

106,13. Roklus understood Raphael’s words and wondered at his familiarity with the Alexandrian mirror, of which he had seen and tested a few on his journeys to Egypt and had also acquired one for the institute.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-106 Chapter