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Chapter 107 - The Lord's prediction for the future: The Migration Period.

107,1. Now towards the middle of the very bright starry night a great silence reigned. All eyes and ears were directed towards Me in the greatest anticipation; for everyone expected some teaching or some deed from Me. But I left them for a time in this anticipation which was so highly beneficial for their souls.

107,2. After a period of perhaps a good half hour I stood up quickly and said with a loud voice, “My children and friends and brothers! I see that you are all waiting in a very tense expectation to see whether I will do or say something. But truly I say to you that I have nothing further to say or to do this time among you; for after being among you for seven days, I have almost exhausted everything that is necessary for you for now in order to fully accept My kingdom into your hearts. But your great anticipation forces Me to say and do something else before you, although My fleshly limbs have also become a little tired. But what will the love of loves not do?! And so lend an attentive ear, and open wide your eyes!

107,3. Tomorrow we will separate for a long time, and I will hardly visit this area again for a year or set My foot upon it; but since I have won such a great victory here and therefore have set up an enduring monument in this bath-house and in the new harbor which will not easily ever be totally destroyed – except at the time when the faith in Me will disappear and with it love also – I will also do something more. But certainly when faith and love are no more among men, barbarian hordes will invade these lands and will destroy all monuments of this great age, which since Moses until Me has poured forth upon this land.

107,4. It would certainly be easy to prevent that; but it will nonetheless not be avoided. This bath-house will certainly still exist and the harbor too and will not be destroyed at the time when Jerusalem will fall; but nonetheless it will hardly become five hundred years old. For I say to you, the beginning will be Jerusalem; but the people will not heed the warning which will be given Jerusalem, and will fall into all sorts of deceitfulness, worldliness, evil, pride, lies, selfishness, domineeringness, harlotry and adultery. Then a nation shall arise from the Far East and shall stream across this land like a big Egyptian locust plague and shall destroy everything: people, cattle and all cities, towns, villages and individual dwellings. And it will subjugate the nations of the earth far and wide in Asia, Africa and Europe until such time when a greater and more universal judgment will come over all the non believers.

107,5. However, all those who will remain with Me in faith and love shall be free from this judgment. For I shall gird Myself with the sword on their behalf and lead them into battle; and every enemy will have to flee before My sword. The sword will be called 'Immanuel' (the Lord God is with us), and its edge will be the truth and its great weight the love out of God, the Father of His faithful children. Whoever wants to do battle, let him do it with the edge of truth out of God and with the weight of love out of the heart of the Father from eternity. Once he is equipped with this weapon, he will conquer every enemy of My name and, therefore, every enemy of life and truth."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-107 Chapter