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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-108 Chapter

Chapter 108 - The age of technology.

108,1. (The Lord) “But in the end there will come a time when the people will achieve a great knowledge and skill in all things and will build all sorts of machines which will perform all human tasks just like living, thinking people and animals; but through this many people will become unemployed, and the stomachs of the poor, jobless people will go hungry. Then the misery of man will increase to an unbelievably high level. Immediately then people will be awakened by Me once again, and they will announce the truth of My name for more than two hundred years. Things will be well for those who then turn towards it, although their number will be only a small one!

108,2. However, once the number of the pure and good will have dwindled as in the time of Noah, the earth will again be visited with a universal judgment in which neither people nor animals or plants will be spared. No longer will their lethal, the fire spitting weapons be of any use to the proud people, nor their fortifications and metal roads on which they will move along with the speed of an arrow. For there will come an enemy from the air and destroy all those who have always done evil. This will truly be a time of shopkeepers and moneychangers.

108,3. What I did only recently in the temple at Jerusalem to the money-changers and pigeon-sellers, I shall do on a large scale all over the earth and destroy all the selling and money-changing stalls through the enemy whom I shall send to the earth from the vast expanses of the air like a flash of lightning and with a great thunderous noise. Truly, against that one all the armies of the earth will fight in vain. However, the great, invincible enemy will not harm My few friends but will spare them for a new plant nursery which will produce new and better people.

108,4. Do understand this well! But do by no means think that I want it thus and that therefore all this is predestined. Nothing could be further from Me and from you! Yet it will be as it was before the time of Noah. The people will keep putting their worldly knowledge and acquired skills to increasingly evil use and, of their own free will, bring upon themselves and, finally, upon the whole earth, all kinds of judgment out of the depths of My creation. But then I will say along with you, My noble Romans: VOLENTI NON FIT INIURIA!

108,5. Yes, the people shall indeed have everything in metes and bounds, build their earthly lives in comfort and shall spare their hands from hard work, in order to gain all the more time for the development and ennoblement of their hearts and souls, and shall all immediately be full of joy in My name throughout all their lives; but among them there shall be no suffering or grieving people, except a willful sinner against every well-established order in My name!

108,6. But if along with the naturally increasing skill of the people their selfishness, greed and power grab also increase and thus the darkening of the human minds, then naturally bad consequences can also not be avoided! For if you quickly put one foot after the other again and again, the result of this fast procedure cannot be avoided. But whoever hesitates with his foot cannot complain if even a snail overtakes him. Falling from a great height obviously brings death to the body; but if someone knows this from experience and jumps nonetheless from a great height into the depths – what is that called?

108,7. Behold, that is blind wantonness, and the terrible consequence of this is not My will, but instead the unchanging law of My eternal order, which cannot be lifted either in a particular place or even less in general! Or do you think that I should therefore take the destructive heat from the fire so that an idiot who throws himself into the fire should suffer no harm?! Or should I take away from the water what makes it water and that a person can drown in it either through lack of care or by being pushed by someone or by own intent?!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-108 Chapter