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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-110 Chapter

Chapter 110 - The future affliction of the earth. The secure feeling of the children of God.

110,1. Cyrenius says, “We would certainly have understood it; but this understanding has little of comfort for the people of this Earth! What use then is the best teaching, if the people can fall away from it again in time and then contribute to the destruction of the whole Earth! Yes, if we had, as Your witnesses, at least a thousand years of life and our youngest disciples would then have just as long, that would be enough to keep the teaching pure; but if You Yourself firstly, according to Your rather clear warning, are leaving this Earth bodily and secondly the signs will become rarer – yes, then I do not know who will bear the blame for this if the Earth is totally and utterly destroyed through the pure foolishness of the people! What use is it if they survive a few thousand years from now on, but then nonetheless will obviously be annihilated?!”

110,2. I say, “Friend, if in that time you will also not continue to live as coarse matter, as you now live, think and speak, you will nevertheless continue to live eternally as a spirit, very much more clearly aware, stronger and more powerful and you will be the eyes and ears of everything that will then happen and be necessarily allowed by Me; but you will certainly agree with everything and will in addition contribute quite a few elements for the castigation of the people and will approach Me with millions of other spirits very many times to give the Earth a new disposition and form! But I will then always admonish you all to patience and love.

110,3. And when on the Earth things begin to become so crazily confused, you in My kingdom will have great joy and say: Well, finally the Lord is allowing the crying injustice of the people on the material Earth to feel His rod! Just think about it, that I have never let there be a lack of people filled with My spirit, not even among the greatest heathens! Not even fifty years ever passed by – and once again men stood there who showed the people the right path! Now I have come Myself as a man onto this Earth which is appointed for a great destiny; after Me men will immediately be sent to the children of the world until the end of the world and will constantly convert many to the true light.

110,4. Not a single iota will be lost of this teaching now given you. Yet this will be of little importance to mankind in general which, as long as there is — and must be — matter, will be in constant conflict with the pure spiritual element. However, let nobody be in fear because of it; for there will always be many who are called, but only few elect among them.

110,5. Those who will follow the chosen ones, for them the Earth will always have a safe place; but those who are too deaf and blind in their hearts will be always sifted from time to time like the tares from the pure wheat.

110,6. The Earth will therefore exist as it existed after Noah, and will bear My brighter children; only the too greatly prevalent filth will be removed from it and come to another institute of purification, of which there is truly no lack in My eternally great kingdom and also of which eternally there will never be a lack. But such beings will never be My children; because for that it is required to recognize Me correctly and love Me above all.

110,7. For now I am not speaking as the miracle physician Jesus of Nazareth, but instead as He who has been dwelling within Me from eternity – as the Father full of love and mercy I speak to you and as the only God who says: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the eternal beginning and the endless, eternal final destination of the whole infinity; there is no other God besides Me!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-110 Chapter