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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-111 Chapter

Chapter 111 - The end of earthly matter.

111,1. (The Lord) “Therefore I tell you all: Whoever will seek, find and recognize Me, and then love Me above all else, and his neighbor as himself with all patience and with all his strength, either here or at least then on the other side, will be My child, that is, My son and My daughter! But whoever will not seek Me, nor find or recognize Me, and therefore will not love Me and will also show a full lack of love towards his fellow man, will never achieve My childhood in all eternity! For My children must be perfect, just as I as their true Father Himself am perfect! [111,02] But the children of the world, who later are quite likely going to be purified, will remain inhabitants of those worlds and communities for which they are suitable and in which they were purified. Yet they will never be free to enter the eternal Father's house in the centre of the innermost heaven as are My true children who, together with Me, will be judging the whole of infinity forevermore.

111,3. But this Earth will bear many people after the predicted last, great purification, just as it does now; but these future people will be very much better than the present ones and will at all times have My living word.

111,4. But when the Earth once, after a for you unthinkable number of years, will have released all its prisoners, it will be transformed in the sea of light of the sun into a spiritual Earth. For the lowest husk and shell which previously accommodated the living spirits and souls is like pumice; although it is no longer an actual life- element, it is still a heavy and broken organic matter harboring the lowest kind of directed spirits inside itself.

111,5. What is one supposed to do with the substrate, if all intelligent life has freed itself from it? Should it float around fully dead in the endless space as a definite burnt-out lump of pumice, devoid of all further purpose? Or should it or could it nonetheless be something in the spheres of the living and perfected spirits of the most varied types? Yes, it should be something; for nothing can exist anywhere in the endless space, which is also My kingdom and My eternal house, as fully dead and purposeless! But in order to speak of a purpose, one must indeed unmistakably speak of a spiritual one, lasting eternally, since there can never be a materially eternal purpose anywhere.

111,6. All matter, as something limited spatially and temporally, can only have a temporal purpose. But if such a thing has fully carried out its purpose in a certain period, and if a higher goal in life has been achieved with it as the means, and if it, the matter, as a former vessel, useful and suitable for a certain purpose, has become fragile, loose, holey and thereby fully useless for any further similar purpose – what else should happen then with the lump of pumice?

111,7. Look at a bucket by a well! What becomes of it after it has served for many years to draw water? Can it as fully fragile and pitted still be used to draw water? No; therefore it will be taken off and burnt and thereby will fully disintegrate into smoke, air and some ash, which however is likewise disintegrated with time by the humidity of the air into a simple form of air and only then can be serviceable in the disintegrated state of the air as a good basis for the real spiritual being. And even if it is no longer one and the same water pail, nonetheless a highly tender and subtle shell globe structure can be created from it, which can be a carrier of the living water from Me.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-111 Chapter