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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-112 Chapter

Chapter 112 - The future transformation of the material worlds into spiritual children of God and creatures of God.

112,1. (The Lord) "That which through men's reasoning happens — or is sure to happen — to the old water-bucket, will also happen in the distant future to the earth as well as to all other worlds, even the primordial central suns. They will become completely spiritual worlds carrying and harboring the blessed spirits.

112,2. But such worlds will then not only be inhabited externally, but instead much more internally in all their inner temples of life corresponding similarly to their previous organic, material forms.

112,3. Only then will men as perfected spirits learn thoroughly about the inner nature of the worlds that once carried them; and there will be no end to their joy and wonderment over their exceedingly wonderful and complex inner organic structure from the smallest to the largest organs.

112,4. The small planets that have no light of their own, such as this earth, its moon, the so-called Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and still other similar planets belonging to this sun, including the many comets — which later also become planets carrying human beings, partly through an actual union with a planet already carrying humans, and partly in their own right as matured planets —, all these will disintegrate in the sun, after — by your concepts — eons of time.

112,5. The sun and its many companions will dissolve in its central sun [of the local star cluster or ‘sun area’] . These central suns, which can be of an enormous age and for which one eon (decillion times decillion) of earth years is what for this earth is one year, will dissolve in the central suns of the galaxies, which suns, in their over-all proportions — to express it in the Arabic way — are, of course, million million [= trillion or 1012] times larger again. These galaxy central suns again will dissolve in the central suns of the super galaxies, which suns are again in the same proportion larger. These central suns of the super galaxies will finally be dissolved in the one primordial central sun whose physical dimensions, by your standards, are truly immeasurable.

112,6. But where, then, will these find their final disintegration? In the fire of My will, and out of this final disintegration all the planets will then revert, though spiritually, to their previous order and service and then spiritually continue to exist in all their splendor and greatness and delight.

112,7. Of course, you must not imagine all this to happen tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow; but picture in your mind's eye all the grains of sand on the earth and imagine that each is one earth year, and the resulting years would hardly be sufficient to account for the duration of the material Earth. It is impossible to imagine the much longer existence of the sun and, much less, that of one of the central suns of the first order, the central suns of the second order, let alone the for you immeasurable duration of the central suns of the super galaxies, or even of a primordial central sun, — and this all the less because the suns will keep bringing forth new worlds, the central suns new planetary suns and the primordial central suns whole legions of suns of every kind.

112,8. But despite such incalculable lengths of time for you of the great worlds its time will one day nonetheless be over and then once again a period of creation will have taken its course and be completed. After that a new period of creation will begin in an endlessly remote region of space of creation. And you will be taking an active part in this, as well as in countless others following it, — but only as My true children.

112,9. For whoever does not achieve the childhood of God on the path that is shown, will remain, live and act and walk on his spiritual earth as an indeed complete, sensible and ever-blessed creature and will even visit other neighboring spiritual worlds – yes, he will be able to travel across the whole surface of the globe! – but in all eternity he will go no further, and the need to achieve something higher in an active, living way will not burn in him.

112,10. But My children will always be with Me and will think, feel, want and act along with Me as if with one heart! That will be the endlessly great difference between My true children and the creatures blessed with common sense and understanding. Therefore make sure that you will one day be found to be suitable and worthy to be My children!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-112 Chapter