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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-113 Chapter

Chapter 113 - The people of the star worlds and being a child of God.

113,1. (The Lord) "I tell you, there are countless shell globes in the for you unfathomable space. Every shell globe which, by your standards, is endless since it carries eon times eons of suns and solar universes, is certainly inhabited by countless numbers of human beings. These are either still in their physical body or are already purely spiritual and are, in their own way, usually endowed with a very bright reason and a subtly calculating intellect, often attaining an acuteness which would put you to shame.

113,2. Sometimes, these human beings have dream-like notions that somewhere [out there in endless space] there are children of the supreme, everlasting Spirit, and they quite often secretly wish to become My children at any price, but in most cases this is not possible at all. For everything must remain and exist in its own order, just as is the case with man; the various parts and organs of his knee-joint cannot be transformed into the precious eyes of his head, or the toes of his feet into ears. All parts of the body must remain what they are; and no matter how much the hands may wish also to see, it is of no avail, — soundly and happily they remain blind hands which, nevertheless, receive a more than adequate light through the precious eyes in the head.

113,3. There is thus no need for the earth to be a sun to light up its otherwise dark surface, for it does receive sufficient light from the one sun. All parts of man's body, including the eyes and the heart, must be nourished in their own way through the food he eats. But only the purest particles, namely, those which are most closely related to the light, are chosen as food for the eyes. The soul-particles most closely related to love and life assimilate with the vital substance of the heart, and the increasingly coarser particles are passed as suitable nourishment to the various constituent parts of the body. It would lead to dire consequences for the eye if it were to be entered by particles only suitable as nourishment for a bone.

113,4. And so it would also be a very bad move in the general great order of Creation if I allowed the created human beings of other worlds to become the very closest children to My heart. Yes, now and then such an admission is possible; but then great purifications and far-reaching provisions and preparations are needed! Those who are most likely to become the recipients of such grace are either souls from this sun or the primary archangels, whose duty it is to rule over whole shell globes and guide and maintain them in the best order, under judgment. But no matter how immensely great they are in every respect, they must here be content to be small, just like I am, and humble themselves in all things.

113,5. Even from the central sun of this system, to which this sun also belongs, can souls be transferred onto this Earth to achieve My childhood, as well as from the central sun of our galaxy and that of our super galaxy. But only from the area of the same super galaxy to which this Earth belongs, can other souls come here – not so easily from the universal primordial central sun, because the souls of its necessarily gigantic human beings have far too much substance to be contained in the small body of a man of this Earth.

113,6. In some regions of that immense solar world, there are human beings who are so large that their head alone is at least a thousand times larger than this whole earth. However, the weakest among My children is, nevertheless, by virtue of My Spirit within the heart of its soul endlessly mightier than myriads of those gigantic people from the primordial central sun.

113,7. Therefore, bear in mind what it means to be a child of the Supreme God, and what an enormous, non judged and inviolable free-will-test is necessary so that the soul can unite with My Spirit within you, — the only way in which you can fully become My children."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-113 Chapter