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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-114 Chapter

Chapter 114 - The great man of creation and the earth.

114,1. (The Lord) “Certainly it can now be asked with good reason how then precisely this small Earth and its small people came to this honor and mercy, since in the endless space of creation there is an uncountable number of the greatest and most magnificent worlds of light, which would be much more suitable to bear God’s children, to feed them and to equip them in the best way with everything that is demanded. The world-sized people of the primordial central sun would be more respectable as children of God than the worms of the dust of this small Earth! According to its outer appearance this question would certainly be nothing or at least not much to refute; but at the inner state of things of life it would even be a type of impossibility.

114,2. The organism of every human has its life-nerve close to the center of the heart, a tiny clot, from which all the rest of the bodily organism is animated. The parts of this little cardiac nerve have such a set-up to attract the life-ether from the blood and from the air that is breathed in, so that it firstly remains extremely active for life and then secondly communicates this life activity to the whole organism and thereby animates the whole body in the appropriate way.

114,3. If I would like to cut off your foot or your hand, you would continue to live, as you can see in many old soldiers, whose hands, feet, ears and noses were cut off in battle, and who nonetheless still continue to live, even only as a cripple; but the slightest injury to the heart, in which the small main nerve of life is situated, entails immediate physical death.

114,4. What applies to the arrangement within the human body and that of the warm-blooded animals applies likewise to the arrangement within the immense space of creation. Taken collectively, the innumerable shell globes represent a gigantic, by your standards infinitely great, man. Within this man, our own shell globe signifies the heart, and this very earth represents the exceedingly minute vital nerve of the whole great man, which is situated not in the centre, but more to the left side, of the heart.

114,5. Indeed in the center of the heart there is also a very important nerve system, but it is not the main center of life. It is only a workshop for the intake and maintenance of the nourishment of life from the blood and from the air. From there only the main nerve of life takes it in and fructifies or blesses it, so that it is now a life-giving substance that is, for the present natural life-span of the soul which could not come into any union at all with the organism of the body without this nerve.

114,6. Therefore, the vital nerve in question, situated somewhere in the left side of the heart, is a very unprepossessing- looking, minute wart, similar to the tiny sensory warts on the lower ball of either small toe. Covered only by the epidermis, these sensory warts are the main sensory conductors of the feet, — but who takes notice of them or knows that this is what they are?

114,7. If someone physically had the misfortune to lose the little toes of his feet, he would find it difficult to walk – much more difficult than if he had lost his big toes. Who can then stand up and ask: But why have You, oh Lord, laid then the highest efficacy on the smallest thing in Your immeasurable creation?

114,8. But then I would ask in return and say: Why is it that the foundation stone often is a thousand times smaller with you people than the whole house which has its main support on exactly the same stone? Why are there then so many lies, but in the kingdom of truth there is actually only one basic truth? Why is the oak such a great tree, and the seed in its fruit, in which are contained countless many oaks of the most enormous size, is as small as a tiniest grain of sand?

114,9. My dear little children and now friends, there are many other things in the great creation whose purpose and composition might seem somewhat strange to you if you knew everything in creation. If I now wanted you to make you aware of only a few such eccentricities, you would put your hands above your head and say: No, Lord that cannot possibly be; for it contradicts too much the pure common sense to a certain degree! In short, you all cannot understand it now; and in order to list even a very small part of them, we would need more millennia than there is sand in the oceans!

114,10. But when you will receive My spirit, once I have gone home again, this will then lead you of itself in all truth and you will then no longer need to ask and say: Lord, why this, and why that? The blindfolding will be taken away from your eyes and you will then see in the brightest light what you now hardly imagine at all. Therefore be satisfied for the meantime with what you have now heard! This is only a seed laid in your heart, whose fruit you will harvest then as ripe when the sun of My spirit has risen in you.

114,11. Have you understood even a little of what I have just said to you? Be open in your heart and admit it; for from now on I will remain another seven full hours among you! Speak now and tell, where someone is still in the dark, and I will lead him to the light, if not into the fullest light of the spiritual life!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-114 Chapter