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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-116 Chapter

Chapter 116 - The imperfection of human insight. The consolation in divine love.

116,1. Mathael says, “I thank You, oh Lord, for this additional explanation; for through it alone I have now received a more or less clear comprehension of a shell globe, and I am quite satisfied with it for now. As far as the countless other similar neighbors in the far space of creation are concerned, they now do not bother me in the least; for I have the opinion that a human spirit will have fully enough with his own for all eternity of eternities.

116,2. I will now consider only this small Earth of ours. How long would a person have to work in order to only travel it from point to point across the whole surface over land and water?! I hardly believe that one would manage it in five to six thousand years, in order to be able to say: Now there is no longer any point on the whole wide Earth which my foot has not stood on! If one would calculate the time of serious investigation and at the same time took into account the hours of rest and pleasure necessarily entailed, which truly cannot be left out at the constantly highly edifying observance of Your great miracles, of the heavenly attractively beautiful areas and landscapes here and there, and since one would willingly spend years in a very charming area very often – yes, one would need several thousand years for this Earth alone!

116,3. But how long would one remain with this Earth alone then if it was possible for one to see all the countless many inner chambers of this Earth?! Oh, then an entire million of years would surely not be enough, particularly if one could set oneself in a place to observe in the inner great workshops of nature and its spirits, as they principally will exist to their whole development and then transform again into completely different things and forms!

116,4. Yes, if one took that also into account, then one would have to deal already alone with this Earth –counting in the Arabian way – much over a thousand million Earth years, naturally as a person limited through time and space in order to be able to then say with a clear conscience: The Earth is very best known to me now from point to point in its being and in all its most various ways from organ to organ!

116,5. After the Earth the moon would then have to be observed above all. This would once again take some hundred thousand Earth years in order to become familiar with it totally. Only then the other and often very much greater planets would be in line to be examined and investigated, for which a person would not be able to finish, because they are quite foreign and certainly more miraculous planets than this Earth, due to their great wonder in the end before a huge number of millennia.

116,6. Only then one would deal with the great sun with all its countless and greatest wonderfully magnificent regions of light! I think that one would stay there then for an eternity and certainly receive again and again something new to see and to investigate. If one then accepts that its people are somewhat highly beautiful, wise and friendly people, yes, yes, then there would no longer be any talk of proceeding! The whole, great Arabic counting system would truly no longer have any numbers with which one could express the time that one would need for the investigation and testing of the great sun!

116,7. Well, then one would only be finished with a small planetary sun! Eons of eons of suns would still remain and among them also the extremely great central suns. Let us stop! Only to become fully familiar with this one shell globe we would need entire eternities! Who would like to and could think of the investigation of a second shell globe?! I have therefore more than enough for eternity with this one and leave the countless many others certainly very willingly to the other higher spirits to investigate! I at least am becoming dizzy when I think of just one!

116,8. Oh Lord, Your love is the greatest comfort for me, and I find my way in it; but the size of Your power and wisdom consumes me like the monstrous rage of a whale consumes the tiniest worm which was there and now is no longer! In Your greatness You, oh Lord, are a most terrifying sea of fire; but in Your love You are honey! Therefore I remain with Your love; the greatness of Your power and wisdom however is at least as good as if not there at all for me. For I do not understand it and will never ever understand it; but I understand love, and it strengthens my heart quite blissfully and makes my life pleasant.

116,9. I now understand very many and great things; but who will understand them again after me?! But since I see that all these many great things that You, oh Lord, have explained to us must be fully incomprehensible for a thousand times a thousand and once again a thousand times a thousand people, I do not even have a right joy in it, that I now understand such extremely great things very well and have insight, but that I cannot make it understandable to anyone after me, because humanity in general stands at too low a level of spiritual development!

116,10. I am certainly guessing that it is not exactly impossible to make the people for the most part recognize You only by Your exterior manifestation that You are a God who has created everything and now maintains everything, and that they will then start to love, fear and worship You; but to make You more descriptive to their crippled concepts seems to me as good as purely impossible.

116,11. For wherever one wants to build something, one must indeed have some firm ground; for on a loose sandy ground or even on a swamp one cannot build a strong fortress. Therefore I will in future, both for me as well as for my people, only remain alone with love; whatever this will give me and disclose to me shall be taken in into the area of my wisdom forever! Am I not right?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-116 Chapter