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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-117 Chapter

Chapter 117 - The realization of Jesus' godhood as a prerequisite to the true love of God.

117,1. I say, “Certainly – for whoever is in My love is in everything that comes from Me! But from My love alone you will probably have difficulty recognizing Me as what I am! For look, you can love your wife very much and very powerfully as well and vice versa your wife can love you too; but for that neither you nor your wife will be a God!

117,2. If you only love Me as a pure, even if very good and rational person, and likewise I you, we can walk together for eons of years and you will just as little recognize and greet Me as a God as I you, who are certainly no God, but instead only a creature of God.

117,3. But if you want to recognize Me as what I am before you, I must let you recognize Me as such through word, speech and deed. But if you have truly recognized Me through this and learned to see through My power and wisdom that I am obviously more than a purely good and rational person, only then will your heart sink humbly into the dust before Me and then in such correct humility burn most very actively in all love towards Me; and you will then truly and faithfully find the most living reason to love Me, your God and creator, above all else. But what goes for you also goes for everybody else.

117,4. Whoever does not recognize Me as God cannot truly love Me as a God above all! But would you ever have been able to recognize Me as God if you had only ever observed purely human deeds and actions and speech from Me? Certainly not! And would your love for Me have become so powerful if you had not discovered something divine in Me?! But through the fact that I would have seized you simply with all love and affection as a bridegroom his bride, you would have not been able to learn that the spirit of the very highest God lives and works in thought, word and deed in Me, but instead My wisdom and My power have only announced that to you, and therefore it is not quite right if you call My great wisdom and power a most frightening sea of fire and if you are of the opinion that people should never have anything to do with it. Quite the opposite!

117,5. The people should seek with all voracity My kingdom in everything and above all. And as they are on the way to becoming My children they should always begin to become more and more at home in their Father’s great house in every sphere and relationship. Thereby they will then grow in true love full of humility, and they will thereby have an ever greater joy filled with all love in their Father, and the Father also in them.

117,6. If the people will do and live a true life in and through My wisdom, love and power, then they will also be totally what they should actually be. They will become as My children just as perfect as I Myself am perfect, and will then no longer see My divine wisdom, power and greatness as a terrifying sea of fire. I think that that will now also be clear to you!

117,7. Yet I also say to you all that for the meantime you should not teach the peoples everything that I have now shown you. Teach them to recognize God above all, to have a living trust in Him and to love Him above all else! Everything else the Spirit Itself will reveal to them as occasion demands."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-117 Chapter