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Chapter 120 - The future of the Lord's teaching and maintaining its purity.

120,1. (Mathael) “I now believe with a firm conviction that we will not have to make too great an effort to spread this purely divine doctrine of Yours, and we rulers and earthly authorities certainly not; but there is quite another question which seems to me to be highly important, and that is how this religion can be maintained purely for humanity and without any additions or removals made by the people. For there are now many of us who have kept this new religion not only for us, but instead also for our very many brothers and sisters and seek to spread it with all enthusiasm! But already we will announce perhaps in some parts this truest and purest gospel in different ways to the people, which already lies in the nature of things.

120,2. For one will have to talk very differently to the Jews, differently to the Greeks and Romans and with the Persians, Indians, Egyptians and even with the Scythians, because each one is animated with quite different basic knowledge. Obviously all sorts of confusion will happen thereby and also all sorts of shades will appear. If then after a couple of centuries the people of the most different nations compare among one another the religion that they have received from us, which will obviously be recorded in writing by many – will they look similar at all?! Or will the Jews not soon say: We alone have the totally pure and true religion!? And the Greeks will reply: No, we have the only true religion, as it came from the mouth of the Lord! And will the Romans not claim the same thing, and again the Armenians too?! I would like to hope that they will not be too far from each other in the basics; but in particulars some powerful variants, rifts and folds will appear here and there due to the perfectly free will of the people!

120,3. If that were to be expected with some certainty, according to my freely not authoritative opinion some precaution would have to be made, so that in the end this magnificent religion will not become a complete chaos, of which no-one would be able to make head nor tail. What is Your opinion, oh Lord?”

120,4. I say, “”My dear friend, although your concern comes from your very honestly worried heart, I must nonetheless make the comment that this precaution is a little too early! You can accept in advance as quite certain that this religion will not remain as pure as it has now come to you from My mouth among all the nations in later days.

120,5. Even very soon after us a large number of written gospels will come into being, of which each will claim to contain the pure truth and of which each will not resemble at all the next written gospel, claiming the same thing. Yes, something much more adverse will happen: The prince of lies who works against Me will also come and will even do great, although false signs! He will place the terrible seeds of all sorts of weeds in the field in which I have sown only the purest seeds, in order to strangle the noble wheat.

120,6. But all that will not make any entry into My true and purest religion; for that word that has been spoken to you here by Me will not be told on and discussed by you either, and you yourselves will not serve My words to the letter, which is also not necessary at all anymore. But the inner spirit will nonetheless remain.

120,7. Whoever will believe in Me and be baptized in My name in water and in the spirit will receive My spirit as well and then walk in the light of the purest truth for all time and eternally. With this then also this religion will be found again as if anew in all its purity. But whoever does not penetrate to such a mercy will in any case never see or understand the pure light of the eternal truth of My teachings and it will be all the same to him no matter what he stuffs his spiritual stomach full with.

120,8. Believe Me! And if someone possessed every word literally just as I have said, but had not received the spirit for this, in order to then penetrate into the depths through it, where light, power and life walk in My words, My words would be of as little use to him as the long prayers of the Pharisees to anyone!

120,9. But if someone has absorbed the spirit of My words, he does not need the letter any longer. But whoever has the spirit, also has the pure teachings. But I will remain in the spirit with My ever only few, yet true believers until the end of time for this Earth. And so, friend Mathael, it has already been provided for that My teaching will be maintained ever very purely!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-120 Chapter