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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-122 Chapter

Chapter 122 - The importance of Christianity in action.

122,1. (The Lord) “You may record for all time of time word by word with iron symbols so that no iota is lost, and you can also preach it and read it out to all peoples, and all peoples should call out at the top of their voices: Ah, look there, that is a very superb lesson and is worthy of God’s mouth!, but nonetheless no-one will put their hand into action and become active fully according to their principles and demands – then is this so purely preserved religion of Mine of any use to anyone? I tell you: it is of no use at all! Or what use is some medicine to someone who is sick if he does not take it and use it according to the directions of the well-experienced doctor?!

122,2. (The Lord): "But someone who, knowing only little of My teaching, immediately acts accordingly will obviously derive a greater and more vital benefit from it than the other who, while talking reverently of Me and My teaching, can never decide to act accordingly. The former will act according to what little he has heard and thereby enliven it in his soul, and the little grain of seed will soon be followed by a great harvest out of the living spirit, which no evil power will be able to destroy. However, the latter who praises and faithfully preserves My teaching will, plagued by spiritual hunger, occupy himself also with every other teaching; but in spite of this, he will die of spiritual hunger. Will his soul recognize Me in the beyond if here it has not adopted the true spirit of My words in the fullness of truth by its actions?

122,3. Presuming all a person knew of My teaching were that he should love God above all and his fellowman as himself, and he thought quite seriously by himself: 'Look, this is a good precept: There must exist a supreme Deity Who, to judge by all that It has created, lives and moves as very good and exceedingly wise. It therefore behooves us to respect, esteem, and honor and love this exceedingly good, wise and almighty Being more than anything else in the world. My fellowman is a man just as I am and was put into the world with the same rights by the Creator. Therefore, he must not be disparaged, on the contrary, reason tells me to do for him what I do for myself because by disparaging him I disparage also myself, for I am also only a man. I recognize this as a highest principle of life which, for the time being, I intend to apply with all severity to myself.'

122,4. This the man puts into action. Moreover, he tries to influence those around him, partly through his own example and partly through his very simple and unpretentious precept, thus turning his household into a good example of true and devout human beings. And what, briefly, is the result of this most laudable attitude? The people live in peace. No one tries to assume superiority over another. The wise endeavors with earnest patience and love to elevate the unwise to his own level; and he draws his attention to all the wonders in creation known to him and is happy when he has been able to give strength to the weaker person.

122,5. But because such a thing actually happens in reality, it is absorbed into the life of the soul. Thereby the soul obviously becomes more and more active and gains in vitality."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-122 Chapter