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Chapter 129 - The spiritual maturity of the reapers of the Lord.

129,1. Says Roklus: "Yes, Lord, now I understand it precisely, but with a feeling of sadness. However, with regard to the laborers of whom there are too few at present, I am sure, o Lord, that You have quite a few more Raphaels on hand. These could approach the people and convert them, just as Raphael radically converted me, and within a few hours the whole matter would be settled all over the earth. I did not suffer any detriment from this kind of instruction, therefore, nobody else will suffer any either."

129,2. Say I: "Indeed, My friend, from now on this will happen quite frequently, but only to people of your knowledge and experience and of your very sober sense of justice. Only, there are not many such people on this earth. The purest and best on earth are all here without exception; for I wanted them all to gather around Me from far and near.

129,3. Long ago, I had planned and arranged their circumstances in such a way that they would arrive here at this time in order to be instructed by Me and My angels. Like you, they have all had the teaching LINEA RECTA from the heavens. They also have all, just like you, received the teaching LINEA RECTA from heaven. But they are all here now!

129,4. For all others this highest and spiritually most necessary method of instruction would not be suitable at all and would obviously harm them more than do them good, because they would have to believe what was taught here on the strength of the many miracles being worked. Then their free cognition and the free will would either forever or at least for a very long time be lost. This concern is not necessary with you all, because you have a very well-founded knowledge and a great deal of experience in many things.

129,5. Tell Me whether only one miracle has ever brought you into confusion in a certain way! You casually supposed with your own miracle-working that there can be no extra-natural miracle in the whole world; but there are people who through their talents and capabilities have heard some of the secret powers of nature, then put it into practice themselves and thus had to drive the other sheep of people necessarily into the greatest amazement, because they can have no idea at all from afar how a miracle that has happened can occur with quite natural powers.

129,6. For someone like you no miracle is binding; for he will only too soon begin to investigate quite secretly and say: CUR, QUOMODO, QUANDO, QUIBUS AUXILIIS? [Why, how, when, which help] as was also the case with you. The sudden creation of the very new house, garden, harbor and the five ships did not particularly amaze you; for in India you got to know a magician who conjured up whole landscapes for you in an instant. Why should there not be someone here then who should create a garden along with a house and the harbor along with the ships in an instant?!

129,7. Raphael had a job with you, in order to teach you of possible better things; but you were nonetheless not fully satisfied with it, but instead you immediately began to investigate further, and the spiritual reason had to be completely revealed to you, how such a deed may be conceivably possible on the pure spiritual path of will. Such a thing - down to the innermost reason - was then shown to you and to all who are present here, and you were certainly satisfied with it; for otherwise you would not have made the comment after almost every explanation and said: That is now tangibly true to me! And what you emphasized was also clear to you; for you would never have been satisfied with a lack of clarity or with a mystery! And behold, just like you, so quite a lot of others here; all were not satisfied to see only the surface of the sea, but instead they wanted to also experience what it hides in its profound bottom!

129,8. And that is thus correct, for only such people who already are of a highly alert and bright intelligence can take in such a deeper revelation of life and understand it and nonetheless still remain free in their cognition and demand, and I can only use such people then as the true reapers on the great field of My human seed. But just count them yourself and you will truly not find too many of them for the great Earth!

129,9. If I then say that the harvest is ripe and great, but there are only very few reapers, you will now hopefully see the reason for it very easily. I have kept nothing back from you capable ones and have shown you all and revealed the whole infinity and eternity in its main characteristics, as far and as deeply as was ever possible for your not very sharply understandable notions, and have also shown you tangibly clearly everything that My spirit will reveal to you then.

129,10. But, as I said, I could only show all this to you and nobody else on all dear Earth, because they do not - and will not for a long time to come – possess the necessary non-judgmental ability because they on the one hand are still steeped in all sorts of superstition and on the other hand are too deeply involved in their selfish and dirty profit-seeking. Therefore, they are not interested in any spiritual phenomena and consider them as unnecessary to life and as something troublesome and obstructive to their freedom.

129,11. Would you want to send an angel Raphael to them?! I tell you, as far as such extraordinary phenomena are concerned, these people, firstly, have no capacity for them, secondly, lack the any sense of understanding and, thirdly, would suffer damage rather than benefit through them."

129,12. Superstitious and gullible people would certainly believe it all too quickly, but would make idols of Me and Raphael and in the end even of you as My friends, build temples to themselves and then honor and worship us like their gods. The actual people of the southern world however would drive us away then as traitors and work-shy sloths, and if we began to treat them with the divine power and strength, they would nonetheless not listen to us, but instead seek to kill us and drive us out as very dangerous enemies to human society according to their understanding, as will happen to Me Myself in the end.

129,13. You can now easily see from that how many of the suitable harvesters we count now on the dear great Earth! What else is there left to do then but put our hands to work and work hard, as long as the cheerful light of day allows us; for once night has fully arrived, no-one will easily be able to work in it. We are already all here together and will today yet put out hands to the great work soon after the rising of the sun one and all.”

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