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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-134 Chapter

Chapter 134 - Basics of raising children.

134,1. Roklus says, “Lord, that is all the very purest gold, and all this allows the truth to be now seized with ones hands! Thus this religion must remain as pure as a diamond in all eternity of eternities and will also remain so in the planting of my institute, for which I and my companions will use every concern!

134,2. But now I still have a small problem; if I may know what I have to do in that respect, then everything will be in the diamond hardest and purest order, as I now cannot imagine otherwise! It is the up-bringing of children in your religion! Should one then also avoid as far as possible every pictorial imagination of something that is to be taught to them?”

134,3. I say, “In any case, for pictorial representations get stuck nowhere as firmly as in the minds of children and are then later very difficult to be totally removed from them!

134,4. Teach them firstly only to read, write and arithmetic mechanically; then reveal to them the form of the Earth and show them at the same time the true reason everywhere, in as far as this is appropriate for them and in as far as they are capable of understanding it! Enrich them with all sorts of useful knowledge and allow them to make their own small experiences, and enthuse to them about everything that is good and true.

134,5. And believe Me that the children understand the good and the true much earlier than all the often senseless and wide-spread teasing, from which they should then themselves decipher some profound truths, which tires them and in the end must make them inactive! In any case you will see and recognize all that is to be done in the brightest light when My spirit within you leads you into all truth! If any of you still has any questions, then ask; for the coming day of My onward journey draws near, and Mark is beginning to take care of the morning meal!”

134,6. Roklus says, “Lord and Master of eternity! I now know, speaking quite as honestly now as I ever can, may, or will, truly of nothing more which could be put together as a question for You; for now everything is clear that the way has become clear. Certainly I could ask for countless other things that are still an impenetrable riddle for me; but I now know from Your prophecy that that will all become clear to me, and so any further questioning would be a truly empty threshing of straw!

134,7. The greatest thing is now hat the way that we have to take is fully clear to us, in order to reach the long desired rule over ourselves. If we have this, then we have everything; but if we do not have this, then even that partial knowledge I of little or no use to us. I for my part really do not know what else I could still ask! But I do not want to say or advise someone else that he should not now ask anything more!

134,8. ut I thank you, oh Lord, for this extremely great light, which You have now mercifully allowed to shine upon me; to You from now on be all my love and all honor! I now will step back to my companions with Your best permission and will discuss with them very much how we will now regenerate our institute in Your name. For all the present things must be thrown out and Your word brought in effectively!”

134,9. At this Roklus wanted to go; but I said to him, “Remain a while; for I have a few other things to discuss with you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-134 Chapter