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Chapter 135 - The embarrassment of the institute of the Essenes.

135,1. Roklus says, “Oh Lord, there is perhaps no other who would rather remain beside You than I! Whatever it may be, everything that comes from You is always the highest bliss and blessing to my heart! I am burning with curiosity to learn something more from You, for example about the renewal of our institute!”

135,2. I say “Yes friend, you have guessed well! There are still some things which would create some considerations for you in your work, and thus could become strife in your council; therefore it would be good if I inform you Myself of some hints about it!

135,3. Above all I give you the present assurance that My servant Raphael will come to you at times and be of help to you with advice and action. For the other times he has in any case already his very determined directions and knows what he has to do during the time of My stay on this Earth, and where he has to stay at certain times. This assurance I make to you, however, is valid only for the most extreme case which could happen in your institute in the time of regeneration.

135,4. But what you have to do yourself, I will now tell you in very short hints. You still have your extremely smartly created institute for waking the dead, as it was and still is; at the same time there are one hundred and seven children there between the ages of three and fourteen, among them over half are girls. You are now in a great embarrassment, since you have hardly twenty similarities in all your institutes for human reproduction and now envoys with painted pictures have been sent out to all the world so that at any cost similar children would be bought. But these envoys are doing poor business; for if they find somewhere a similarity, it is not sold to them for any price, and they cannot use something that is not similar, of course. What do you say to that kettle of fish?”

135,5. Here Roklus scratches behind his ears quite massively and says, “Yes, Lord, if so – which is very easily understandable – then the institute is in a big snare! It was certainly a big mistake, and indeed against my will to accept so many dead children at once; but our first director, namely in the sphere of the reanimation of children, gave me the assurance that it would go very well. However, the story looked only too soon quite differently! Hardly twenty similarities, and the others?! We may seek them with the lantern with which the cynics once sought the people in brightest daylight!

135,6. Our director certainly sent well-endowed envoys in all directions; but if things really are like that, we with our whole institute have been quite written off and must suffer the greatest embarrassment at the mocking laughter of the envious an very most jealous Pharisees, the more so as some children of the Pharisees are supposed to be among these as far as I know, with whom the jealous ones have certainly planned to test us!

135,7. Oh dear, it is certainly a very bad do, and can be very obstructive to me in my now very firmly made intention to act simply only in Your name! What can be reasonably done there? Just the reason is silent in me! You, oh Lord, certainly could help us out of embarrassment, if it was in Your holy will, and if you could do it, since at least we with the institute never knowingly and with intent ever had some actual evil motive!

135,8. Our lack of knowledge through no fault of our own however You, as a most loving God, Lord and Master, cannot lay on us as a burden? And if Your eternally immeasurable wisdom should find guilty spots on us for which we truly can do nothing, then Your even less measurable love is certainly powerfully endless more than enough, in order to sweep away the same! I and all my main companions now place all our hopes on You and trust most firmly that You will help us this time out of the very greatest embarrassment, for which however we make You the most glowing promise that it will be our concern at all times to preserve Your holy word for all time as purely as we have now heard from You under the greatest gratitude of our hearts!”

135,9. I say, “But why do you call then that such a great embarrassment, since you have received faithfully enough My most possible assurance of help in the most tangible way?! For what I promise to someone, I also keep all the more certainly than the sun daily must rise and always illuminates half the earth, whether the surface of the Earth is cheerful or dulled with clouds and mist! Until when should then the one hundred and seven children return to the homes of their parents alive again?”

135,10. Roklus says, “Lord, what should I, what can I answer You except: Oh Lord, all things are known only too well to You and therefore certainly also our foolishness!”

135,11. I say, “Certainly, you have given Me a good answer! You have truly committed a great foolishness in that you have set a much too short deadline for the fake reanimations! You have been well encouraged by several happy attempts and have naturally had to make the experience that for your institute a shortest possible period of reanimation is not only the least expensive, but also certainly the most recommended, because the whole thing increases the miracle effect – of course, only in appearance!

135,12. If you had enough of the similar children, things would be carried out otherwise according to your manner; but because exactly the main element is lacking for this purpose, it is well understandable that you have fallen into the most enormous embarrassment. I could certainly help you out of the great embarrassment this time; but then I would have to obviously help a lie, and look, that would not be right at all, however very dear you all are to Me now! Things must then happen quite otherwise!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-135 Chapter