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Chapter 136 - The prohibiton of the fraudulent Essenian resurrection of the dead.

136,1. (The Lord) “Look there at the left side of Cornelius, who is now dozing a little, the boy; his name is Josoe! He lay in the grave for over a year, and his bones were without flesh. He lay not far from Nazareth in a crypt, and I gave him life again, and no-one sees in him that he had lain quite rotted away in the grave!

136,2. What I was able to do for him, I could very well also do for your hundred and seven children, and indeed now on the spot and in the fastest moment! But it would not serve you much at all; for thereby the children would come before the announced deadline back into the houses of their parents. Therefore the deadlines must be kept exactly, so that now no new lies are created in this affair. But then My servant shall come to you and call the real children back to an earthly life, of course somewhat against My order, and indeed in the presence of their parents who will be called there for this purpose, so that they may also recognize in their great blindness as if by a great push that now the kingdom of God is now near.

136,3. But what you have to say at that occasion I will lay in your mouth, wherever I will be physically; but then I make you for now and for the future very seriously aware that you, and no-one from your institute should ever accept any other deceased children for resurrection, not even for all the treasures of the world.

136,4. For whenever I let a child die, that certainly has its highest important reason, and it would be against My will and against My order to awake such children back to earth. Now, as far as these present hundred and seven children are concerned, I have foreseen this, and it therefore does not happen against My will and in the wider sense neither is it against My order; but in the future such a thing must happen only very rarely, if you or someone else is encouraged to do so directly by My spirit.

136,5. You may heal the sick once, twice, even three times, as many times as you want; but there is to be no more waking from the dead for those who have died in the flesh! For you thereby make the souls that have become free from the flesh into a much worse monster than the worst murderers and street robbers among the people who still have to live out their time on this world.

136,6. In this world it is considered the greatest misfortune if someone is killed. But it is considered a thousand times greater misfortune in the beyond for an already free soul to be forced back into its mortal, stinking and clumsy body! Therefore you would be doing no-one a favor if you called him back to this earthly life.

136,7. There are indeed terrible souls there which one could actually call devils. On the other side it is certainly ten thousand times worse for them than it is for a beggar on this earth, however poor and persecuted; but among all the many whose number can be accepted very well as up to ten thousand million now according to the Arabian way of counting, there is none who might walk the path of the flesh one more time. But if the unlucky ones never want to return to this Earth again, how much less those who are happy on the other side! Therefore let this be told to you, and no longer raise any more dead! Have you now understood that too?”

136,8. Roklus says, “Yes, Lord, I understood that very well, and I can therefore never be grateful enough to You eternally for the extraordinary remedy to our great embarrassment; but in any case we have never given up actually with the true business of reanimation, since our reanimations were actually basically nothing other than very secret deceptions for the good of the grieving humanity only, that is, in as much as we previously could think with our limited understanding about the best for man! We had basically extremely little profit from this, since the maintenance of the human farms and its purchase that is by human children was always extremely costly.

136,9. At our reanimations the people in the great otherworld have quite certainly suffered no disruption and so I think that, considering the small deception, we have performed very little of anything disturbingly terrible for the kingdom of the soul; for the souls of the dead were never forced by us to return to this fleshly world!”

136,10. I say, “That is indeed true; but nonetheless such a manipulation of yours has caused some disturbance for the spirit world all the same. For the dead child has become very well a citizen of the spirit world. But now with time also his parents have died to this world and the false child as well; they soon met again on the other side as usual under suitable circumstances.

136,11. Now, what must the surprised parents have thought in the other world about the method of reanimation if they met the true and also the false child that they had considered to be the genuine child in this world irrevocably obviously only too soon? Just think yourself a little bit about it!

136,12. For everything kept so hidden on this world down to the smallest detail will be revealed there. Whatever someone has done here no matter how secretly and hidden will nonetheless be shouted from the roof-tops, as they say, and that highly loudly before the eyes and ears of millions! Now just think as a false re-animator about yourself in the sphere of such a disclosure! How do you think to cope and deal with things there then?

136,13. If people with their highly limited sense of truth in this world recognize, judge, sentence and finally even punish quite well such indecency when actually the inner strength of truth is mostly lacking, how much more there where the truth being one of the most invincible powers is always the lord above all existing ones!

136,14. Look, among the small birds of prey there is one whose name derives from his song and therefore is called the cuckoo! Breeding is instinctively built into this bird. Therefore he lays his eggs wherever he may and can in the nests of various other birds and does not even spare the nests of the starlings! If this poorer little birds now see that instead of their equals only cuckoos appear, even they as unreasoning animals make very puzzled eyes and begin to keep further and further away from the nest and if they hear any cuckoo crying they fly at him in flocks upon flocks and track and tease it in every way possible.

136,15. Now, if even these reasonless animals equipped only with an instinctive intelligence take revenge on a deceiver, how much more is that certainly to be expected among the reasoning people, and how much more again among the spirits, before whom no deception can take place again, since their insight and recognition has become quite clear!”

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