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Chapter 137 - The principles of the reformed Essenian institute.

137,1. (The Lord) “From this you can see that over there everything will be revealed and also must be revealed, otherwise the countless and various unions of spirits could not possibly exist. And now it begs the question what sort of a face a person will put on there who here among the people stood in a great reputation because of his wonderful deeds and for whom on the other side it will immediately be shown only too clearly that all his miracles were quite common fraud in themselves; and even if the fraud was well-meant, he still had to be paid and sold to the blind customer as the genuine goods – and often for a very great amount of money!

137,2. And behold, that and nothing else was then also your method of reanimation until now, particularly of the children! Your monthly public reanimations in the known underground catacomb-like arches are an already too deep combination of fraud, than to talk about; for there you have people employed who every month once have to pretend to be dead in certain coffins and at your familiar command in the presence of several blind believing watchers to stand up from the coffin and then immediately to walk so that they cannot be questioned by any of the often many spectators and wonderers about your health and your names and place of living.

137,3. Do you know, this bird-like frau is too mean for any other words to be lost on; but since many have been induced through this to hand over their dead dear child for reanimation, it nonetheless comes into consideration and is very suitable to become very awkward for you on the other side.

137,4. But as we said, everything that has happened to you so far, I want and will take upon My own shoulders and make everything good again for you all; but for the future neither the one nor the other, which has even the very slightest trait or smell of fraud, may occur in your institute for any price in the world, if you want Me, acting like with My hands, to remain with it in the spirit until the end of this world.

137,5. The most perfect love and truth should reign in it [the institute] and no other fraud however small should ever occur, then this institute will remain for all time; and if it should ever have jealous and dark persecutors from time to time they will nonetheless not be able to do harm to it!

137,6. To be sure, it will not last much longer in this country than this My teaching will — for this land will be devastated by heathens of the most ignorant kind —; but in future times the headquarters of all those who believe and trust in My name will be in Europe. There you will be organized in various branches; with some rulers you will be popular and held in high esteem, by others you will only be tolerated. Only some who are very benighted will drive you across the borders of their kingdoms. Those doing so will be sure to be beset by one or the other trouble of which they will not rid themselves so easily. But also the king-doms in which you will only be tolerated will not thrive too well.

137,7. This is My gift and blessing to you, that you will always be true master builders; and where you are accepted lovingly and with honor, that kingdom will have a good and lasting foundation. I do not wish to make of you physicians in the future, but masons who shall erect everywhere from the hardest precious stones the walls of a new, heavenly Jerusalem and many of the most magnificent residences in this city, which has now been begun and will be continued to be built in all eternity after the initial wall has been erected.

137,8. Since you are now My masons and free builders and I want My city built from the hardest precious stones, all of you and you, My friend Roklus, will easily understand why I cannot use any common limestone, sandstone or bricks. By these I mean all sorts of fraud and deception, which cannot last forever. Only the purest and most unflawed truth is that diamond stone which can offer all eternity the constant and ever same defiance.

137,9. You will often be tempted to hide your real thoughts instead of showing your true feelings. Yet do not yield to the temptation or deceive anyone with your eyes, but let everything you say and do be the fullest truth, and you will always be sure of My grace, power and wisdom.

137,10. Do not ever make anyone a promise which later on you might not be able to fulfill or for certain reasons might not want to fulfill, for verily, I tell you: Nothing appears to be more bitter and more painful to man than a promise made to him which later is not kept! For, had he not been promised anything, he would not have relied on it but taken a different course of action, by which he would have gained some help or advantage. Having firmly relied on the promise which was only made but not kept, he now finds himself in desperate straits and sadly disappointed because he fell between two stools on the sand, and curses those who have plunged him into the greatest misery through their false promises.

137,11. Therefore, you must keep whatever promise you may have made to another, even at the cost of your earthly life, otherwise I could not be a permanent member of your institute. Remember well Who He is Who gives you this commandment! He is forever a Lord over all life and death. Even if I punished nothing else while on this earth, yet I would punish a man who makes promises to another without keeping them, usually for some selfish reason.

137,12. By refusing the promised reward to the one who has done you a service you commit a greater sin than by stealing from someone. If he performed his service halfhearted and poorly, you can of course remind him and tell him that next time he cannot expect such a compensation unless he will perform his service with the proper diligence; but, no matter how poor his performance may be, you must keep your word so that he may see that the spirit of full truth is alive and working within you.

137,13. For this reason I help you awaken your 107 dead children in the fullest sense of the truth. In this way you need not face as liars making false promises those whose dead loved ones you promised to bring back to life. But in future do pull yourselves together, completely and in earnest, for whatever you would do to contravene My easy to follow advice would inexorably bear you very poor fruit."

137,14. Does all that seem somehow too difficult to you because you start to make a very thoughtful face? Tell Me now simply quite loudly and openly if you have anything to object to Me! Now we are still together personally and can air some things which in the future will be clearly somewhat more difficult, since we may not meet again personally so soon! Speak now and I will hear you!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-137 Chapter