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Chapter 14 - The working of miracles by the spiritual man who has committed himself to the will of God.

14,1. I say, “Fine then, and so hear Me! I am the sun of all suns and of all spiritual worlds and of all the kinds of beings to be found on them.

14,2. Just as this earthly sun infiltrates with its light and the warmth caused by it a celestial body and all beings living on it only in a certain measured order and by that visibly animates that entire celestial body, I infiltrate everything that was created by Me in an eternally strict and measured and by Me unchangeable order; that is why the earth cannot be and become more of an earth than it is, the date tree not more of a date tree, the lion not more of a lion, and like that up until men no creature can become more or less in its kind than how and what it already is.

14,3. Man alone can continuously become emotionally and spiritually more and more man because he received from Me the ineffaceable ability to internalize and keep for all eternity always more of My spiritual light by following My will made known to him.

14,4. Thus, if man lives properly, according to the law, but does not strive for something higher and can neither be used for something below his accepted nature and is therefore completely flawless in the eyes of the world, he is like a flat mirror that neither enlarges nor reduces the sun’s image on its surface. That is why he will perceive everything naturally and with that achieve a completely normal progress in all things.

14,5. However, a man who because of a little light that he just snatched somewhere, so to say, makes a lot of fuss regarding one or the other thing among the lightless, as if he were the first inventor of original wisdom and considers all the others foolish, - such a man inflates like a ball whose surface is very polished and thereby provides a curved out mirror surface.

14,6. On such a surface you will indeed see the image of the sun, but very small, and you will no longer notice any of its warmth. Nothing will ever catch fire from this reflecting glimmer of light, even if it was easily flammable naphtha ether! That is what arrogance does to the soul when it prides itself on something that says very little. And the more such a soul grows in vanity, the rounder the mirror becomes and the smaller the image of the spiritual sun on such almost round mirror surfaces of perception and knowledge.

14,7. These two described kinds of man are not continuously becoming more man, but rather the latter one always less.

14,7. But now comes a third kind of man that sure enough has become somewhat rare! He is on the surface very pleasing, obliging, patient, kind, modest, and full of humility and love towards anyone who needs his services.

14,9. This kind is like our magic, inwardly curved mirror. When the light of life and knowledge falls from Me onto such a soul mirror, the light it will reflect onto earthly life will light up the soul and the own free will for everything good, loving, beautiful, truthful, and wise, and everything that falls under the focus of the very concentrated spiritual light will be most highly illuminated and quickly unfolded in its entire fate by the inner life’s high level of warmth. And the man with such a soul mirror soon sees with the highest and most vivid clarity things that a normal man cannot ever dream of.

14,10. Such a man will continuously become more and more man; and the more and more he becomes man, the more perfect he will be. And when after a right time his life’s mirror circumference or diameter has stretched more and more and has gained depth towards the life’s center, the outwardly active focal point that has become much bigger and more impermeable to light will have a much greater effect than My sun light delimited exactly for all creatures. One should never expect exceedingly more of that light in a regular and natural way, and one cannot assume that the sun’s natural light shining down on earth will ever melt a diamond, but that the concentrated light rays from a so-called magic mirror will.

14,11. It is the same with a perfect man of whom I said earlier that he would accomplish greater things than I would. I accomplish everything according to an order that has been exactly set for eternities. The earth must keep orbiting around the sun at a determined distance and it is generally under the same light angle.

14,12. Thus, I obviously cannot ever put this or another earth close to the sun with my will’s power, just for knowledge or as a joke because such an experiment would turn this earth into white-blue smoke very fast.

14,13. But you people can concentrate the sun’s dispersed light on a point with such mirrors and can experiment with that power on small parts of the earth and are by that, from a natural point of view, doing a lot more with the sun’s light than I am, - how much more with My spiritual light from your soul’s perfect concave mirror of humbleness!

14,14. Yes, My true children will achieve and accomplish in their smaller areas things that in relation to My deeds must obviously be greater because, in addition to the complete compliance to My will, they can also act according to their own free will, in which My light can be concentrated to ineffable potency; by that they can do in a small area with the most intensive power of My innermost will things, which even if I could, I am not allowed to do in order to preserve the entire creation.

14,15. In short, my true children will be able to play around properly with those powers of My heart and will, which I have never actually used in closest relation, as I would never, just as a joke, push the earth close to the sun to melt some mountain peaks with its ineffable heat, which would not be possible without immediately turning the whole world into the old ether. Thus, what I am not allowed to do on a big and even less on a small scale, My children can do with the magic mirrors in nature and then more so spiritually!

14,16. Do you now clearly understand what I have explained to you with regard to your questions, My dear friend? Are you satisfied or do you still have a doubt somewhere under your black skin?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-14 Chapter