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Chapter 140 - Concealed truths and concealed lies. False prophets and their miracles.

140,1. (The Lord) “But just imagine now a sudden revelation! What would the people, for example, have done with you if I Myself suddenly had given them a little light about this and then they had seen the true reason of a solar or lunar eclipse just as clearly as you? The effect of this you can easily imagine.

140,2. But if you have ever brought someone onto the right path through this truth, however concealed, and he receives then also a light and now sees that only the fullest truth, even if very concealed, has placed him on the line of the true life – what indeed will such a person do to you for all those good things? I believe that you as a person full of bright common sense will now see the difference which exists between a concealed truth and a concealed lie.

140,3. What I showed you as an action or speech which should never take place in your institute is a concealed lie; but never a concealed truth from any very wise reasons.

140,4. If the lie also has a good consequence and the truth at least a seeming terrible one, that means, what the people call terrible with their worldly understanding, the truth is nonetheless to be preferred over a lie; for the final effect of the lie is always remaining a bad one and the final effect of the truth will be a good one.

140,5. According to outer appearance the difference between a concealed lie and a concealed truth is certainly not easily noticeable, just as a genuine miracle can only be distinguished with difficulty or not at all by a pure, little experienced worldly understanding from the false one, because a genuine miracle for the worldly understanding cannot be checked at all and the magicians and the false prophets let their miracles be checked by the people just as little as you let yours be checked. But exactly for that reason there should never be any lie among you, no matter how small, or any deception no matter how small, no room left so that on the Earth there is an institute for ever in which alone only the truth reigns and there would be an enduring measuring stick of the world, in order to recognize the true gold of all truth from the false gold well and easily!

140,6. If that is not mastered then in a few years after Me there will already be a surprising number of false prophets and miracle-workers who will transform this religion of Mine entirely. They, the false ones, will indeed also use My name; but their religion will not resemble Mine in the least, and our miracles will be of a recognizably deceptive type to you and make very many into firm converts of the false prophets.

140,7. Therefore I warn you in advance about this! Therefore do not listen to those who will run around shouting: Look, here or there is the anointed of God – that is the truth! Truly I tell you all: Those who speak so and shout so and even do signs in My name are nothing but pure false prophets! They do not listen and turn their backs! And if they come to you, threaten them, and if they do not want to give in, threaten them in My name, and perform a true sign before their eyes; otherwise however keep away as much as possible from miracle-working which certainly entices and captures the eye and ear of the foolish people, but which hardens the heart at the cost of the miracle mostly into a unfeeling stone! The truth must witness and speak for itself and needs no further sign any longer.

140,8. The only true sign of a miracle however consists of self-experience, which everyone will make through and in that exactly the truth has truly made itself free in all its thoughts, desires and deeds and opens its inner eye to see all things and relationships, as they are in truth and not as they have been put together in the destroyed brain of some worldly wise man who wants to be seen as respected as he desires. And now tell Me, My Roklus, whether things are now clearer than before!”

140,9. Roklus says, “Yes, Lord and Master, now everything is so fully clear and enlighteningly bright as nothing in my life has ever been clearer! I have always thought and even actively felt that a god cannot do anything in comparison with pure human common sense, which would be an obvious and tangible contradiction. But now every word of Yours corresponds so well to reason like light of the sun for the creation of the day on the Earth. I am now quite in the clear, and our institute shall remain so until the end of all time!”

140,10. I say, “Well very good then, and so now go over there and tell that also to your companions! – Now something else will happen, then the morning meal and then My departure from here for some time!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-140 Chapter