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Chapter 141 - Humility and brotherly love. Roklus and his companions are embarrassed.

141,1. Roklus now made a very deep bow and hurried to his companions who in the meantime had discussed all sorts of important house rules of their institute, but who had exactly the idea which I gave Roklus in My teachings as the direction in his life.

141,2. Roklus was quite surprised when he heard from his companions everything he wanted to tell them as something quite new and highly important – and that command he had heard from Me in order to show how I as the Lord have entrusted him with the maintenance of the so highly important position with quite particular orders. As head of the institute he wanted to show his subordinates a little that he had discussed with Me Myself very many and extraordinary matters and he now wanted to convey all this to them.

141,3. But the companions said, “This effort you can already spare yourself with good reason; for we have been taught about everything and have actually even more than you, despite the fact that you have dealt with the Lord Himself! Yes, look here! Look, a hearty number of pages, all fully written! You can find everything in them, written faithfully, that the Lord has said to you. But you are pulling, as it seems to us, not the most pleased face about this; what’s wrong with you?”

141,4. Roklus says, “Ah, I have nothing at all against or about this; but if the Lord Himself has demanded that I discuss this with you all and arrange what He entrusted me with, because of the total restitution of the whole institute, and you now are better informed than I am, I guess I have to ponder a bit what the dear Lord wanted to achieve with me through this small and certainly harmless teasing!”

141,5. Raphael, who was cavorting around among the companions, says, “Friend, I will immediately explain that to you; just listen to me briefly! You see, those are indeed your closest civil servants in your institute! The Lord Himself could not give you any other title according to the fullest truth but that which you have received by state and are entitled to have, since your great financial means must give you the right to it. But the Lord wants all people to embrace each other as brothers and only recognize Him alone as the truest Lord and Master.

141,6. But since you are now already a lord of your institute, it was also quite in order that the Lord Himself gave you the directions about what you should do in the future and which arrangements you should make. But likewise just as much in order was that the Lord through me allowed your companions in everything at the same time, firstly, in order to save you the unnecessary effort of the teaching, and secondly in order to suppress the certain prophetic feeling of highness which could easily become a little arrogant, and thirdly in order to make the recommended discussion with these companions of yours as easy and effective as ever possible.

141,7. For the Lord did not mean a type of demand from you when He said to you: ‘Go there and tell that also to your companions!’ that they should learn for the first time from you everything that you have heard and learnt from the Lord, but instead that you have only to tell them that you have learnt it yourself correctly and understood perfectly what in the future should be undertaken in the institute as changes. Nothing seems, of course, that you, as now alone indoctrinated in the issue, should first instruct the companions?! And you therefore do not need to make any thoughtful face if you yourself have understood the order of the Lord falsely! – Do you understand me well now, or does some other consideration crop up in your head?”

141,8. Roklus says, “Yes, now I am also quite in order again and I am now thinking about this point no longer at all; but something quite different now bothers my mind! We will easily bring everything into a very good order – only with the removal of the people’s belief in that we have the solar and lunar eclipses in our power, will be a little difficult for us! For these will always occur, and we will no longer be able or be allowed to say to someone: Look, because you and your people do not do and will not believe strictly and accurately what we have ordered you to do, the gods will darken the sun or the moon in this or that period! How will we help ourselves in this embarrassment? Everything else is good – only there I cannot find the way out! What do you all think then in this one respect, and what about you, my friend, Raphael?”

141,9. Raphael says, “Just discuss this firstly among one another; my advice will then always come still at the right time, if all else fails!”

141,10. Says one of the companions: “Yes, that is a very ticklish point! We will not be able to get along well with the people! Since a considerable number of years the people are now used to this, and if the undertaking after an observed darkening of the moon or even the sun comes to us and they ask us very seriously about the reason, why we had hidden the darkening by the gods from them and not shown it – what true answer will we then give to such questions so that we are not too violently harmed before the faces of those who ask?”

141,11. A third says, “With a little in house lie we could save ourselves from the puddle; without it I cannot think of any honest way out. But this will not be our only snag, but instead there will be many others, and no less so with the eclipses! We are now sitting positively in the wash! We will encounter the difficulties if we begin to shake and improve the old structure! Like an army of grasshoppers from Arabia the unconquerable, countless obstacles will bar our way on all sides and we will then no longer know where to go! To leave this place and settle somewhere very far from here would be the best advice!”

141,12. Roklus says, “Yes, yes, that would all be fine; but what can we do about these possessions and facilities of ours which one cannot leave to our opponents’ free discovery just like that?! Truly, your advice would be very expensive for me in particular! We now have the Lord God for ourselves, who will save us quite alone most certainly from every further fully unnecessary embarrassment – of which I am perfectly sure! Truly we will have some things to overcome; but – as it seems to me now – we will certainly pass a very important school through this from which we will only then create the practical insight about all the things that one must get rid of out of our lives on Earth and how to achieve the true, innermost life from God in us.

141,13. Therefore we will remain here nonetheless! But for the sake of all the other matters I have no fear at all; for there I will say to anyone: From now on the awakenings will be dropped for all time! Why? The answer: God does not want it any longer, because the people cannot live accordingly to be worthy of such a particular mercy!

141,14. ut those who live according to God’s will, will also have the insight about why God has allowed one child or other to die and will allow themselves to be led by His spirit in the future. No one will be able to say anything against that!”

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