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Chapter 161 - The impression of the miracle works of the Lord on the Pharisees.

161,1. Say I: “An extraordinary one quite certainly, but they find it impossible that such a thing could have been brought about in an instant simply through a force of will similar to that of God. There are now discussing whether all the same some very secret natural means have been used.

161,2. And the main leader is therefore saying to the already somewhat annoyed Mark: ‘Well, we were not present, and all those present can very easily conspire to pull the very thickest wool over our eyes! We know very well how the Essenes bring about their greatest miracles, but against the once defeated superstition or faith of the people we can do nothing any longer. A thousand confirmed accomplices could bring about the greatest miracles and defeat ten times a thousand times a thousand people. You could have spent ten years creating this miracle, observed by no-one but yourselves, in this hidden and isolated corner of the Earth! When it was ready, you then invited foreigners and said then in the agreed way that this building had been created by this or that miracle-worker in an instant, and likewise the garden and the harbor. And at the first witness of thousands the foreigner must begin to believe the miracle whether he wants to or not. A miracle must happen before our eyes – only then will we also believe in it!’

161,3. Look that is what the sly fox of a Pharisee is now saying! I said that to you now so that you can hold out to him word for word immediately when he arrives exactly what he said to Mark at least three hundred steps’ distance from us, and that will make him and his colleagues terribly shocked, because it as an obvious miracle will act against his claim like the sharpest sword. He will still demand another miracle, it is true; but no other shall be given to him than this, that we will reveal to him some of his very secret affairs here, which will affect him very much. Therefore be ready, I will not speak, but instead everything will be given to you and you will be allowed to speak and act! And now keep yourself at the ready; for he will now be here immediately!”

161,4. Cyrenius now readies himself fully with much eagerness and rejoices that he can deal with the Pharisee so thoroughly.

161,5. The Pharisees now draw closer to Cyrenius with a great respectful air and the leader, bowing deeply, says, “High ruler! We have taken a look at everything and could not be enough amazed at it all; for there splendor is so closely connected to the most practical usability that one must almost say right away: That has not been made by human hands, but instead it has been created! Unfortunately humanity has no example from any time period that such a thing has ever happened on the known Earth. In addition in these days of ours the people are so advanced namely in the building art that one should not suppose them to have built such a true work of architectural art. Since the wonderland of Egypt is said to be known to the Greeks and Romans because of many of its works of architecture down as far as Nubia, it is therefore not too extraordinary miracle if they also brought about such a thing with their united efforts. For whether everything that is to be seen was really created in an instant or over a period of time is still a question to be asked and listened to. For many well-experienced people can bring about very much and say with a powerfully armed hand: This and that came like this or that! And the little, powerless and weak people must then believe it, because a too loud contradiction would unmistakably provide them with very significant trouble.

161,6. Let’s look at the fine Essenes! There is really nothing anymore that they would not be capable of doing. One only has to say that all that is no miracle, but instead has been brought about in the most natural way, and one will soon receive feedback which will truly give you no joy! But certainly I do not want to say with this that it is also the same case here, although it has a very significant similarity with those miracles of the Essenes. Be that as it may; you have recommended this work to us to be observed as a purest miracle, and we believe it because the unbelief could cost us incredibly dearly. If you, high ruler, ordered us to believe in Zeus and his miraculous divine deeds, we would also immediately fully believe in it externally, whether also inwardly, that is then certainly quite a different question. Forgive me, high ruler, this very honest speech of mine!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-161 Chapter