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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-167 Chapter

Chapter 167 - The Lord's parting hour at Mark's house.

167,1. Once this issue had been solved as quickly as possible, Cyrenius asks Me whether he has acted completely according to My will as he perceived it within himself.

167,2. I say, “Yes, quite completely! However to see Me and speak to Me they were not mature enough by far! But whenever they become mature, My Raphael will advise you, as well as Josoe.

167,3. But now the hour of My departure from here is drawing near. But do not ask where I will go! Everyone should turn from here to his daily task again and take care of his house, so that if I return to you again soon, I will find everything in order! I will spend only another small hour among you all, in order to bless you through and through; but then I must go to many other hard pressed children of this world, in order to bring them just comfort and help.

167,4. But do not try to find out where I am, but instead live in the spirit of My teaching, and My person will not remain far from you! Whoever still wants to know something should come and ask!”

167,5. At this Cyrenius asks: “Lord, may no-one escort You to the next place, wherever it may be?”

167,6. I say: “This time no-one, apart from My twelve, not even Raphael, who will remain until My ascension alternately with you and alternately with My dear Jarah! Yet you may not reveal him to the world in any way; for that would cause his immediate loss! – Which of you still has some issue? He may come forward and investigate!”

167,7. Mark brings his wife and his children and says, “Oh Lord, bless them all if You judge them worthy of it!”

167,8. And I said: “They have long been full of My blessing, and you also! Indeed I will come again to you once more soon since you desire it so much. From now on however you will receive many guests! For those who will bathe in your spas will be healed from even the most evil gout; and those who drink there from the bubbling spring in your garden will be freed from every sort of fever. The leprous should nonetheless bath outside the garden wall in the sea, where the bath water flows out into the sea and they will be freed from their leprosy.

167,9. Therefore many will come and seek the healing of their flesh here and also find it. With your children alone you will not be able to serve them all. Therefore you will have to employ service assistants. With this at the beginning My dear friend Cyrenius will help you. Later you will have subservient helpers in abundance, for all the unemployed and poor will know how to find you. Whoever comes and seeks work, give it to him according to his strength; but this gospel of Mine should be preached to everyone so that free people are made from out of these serving slaves.

167,10. If I visit you again soon, you will hardly find time to speak to Me; but that will not matter. For acting according to My words is more important than all the speaking and preaching.

167,11. “For he who merely benevolently listens to My living word, this gospel now spoken to you, without acting accordingly, has no benefit from it but remains the same old worldly fool who will never get onto a green branch of life, let alone a tree of life.

167,12. Whoever has much, as you now do, should give much, and whoever has little should give little, so that he who has nothing may also have something!

167,13. However, if you see a miser amongst your servants or amongst your guests, drive them both out, for the miserly man is a consuming cancer amongst other better people and contaminates the hearts of men with wrath and anger. Where is the man who would not be angry with a miser for the sake of what is good? He will despise and rebuke him, but his heart will not be bettered while in this mood. Therefore, do drive any miser far from you and have nothing to do with him until he has fully defeated his evil passion."

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-167 Chapter