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(AUDIO/VIDEO/TEXT Away with you, Satan! – Jesus’ Explanation to Peter, Volume 5 - Chapter 170–171)

Chapter 170 - Peter's blind enthusiasm and concern for the Lord

170,1. But once we were already far out on the sea, I said once again to the disciples, “Wherever we may now end up, be silent and do not reveal Me as Jesus, the Christ!” (Mt. 16:20)

170,2. And Peter came to Me and asked Me whether I did not yet know where the ship would bring us; for he was at the rudder and dearly wanted to know where he should be steering.

170,3. But I said, “Let it go wherever it will; the Father knows already where we will have to go this time! We are still on the path of learning, and our journey goes to the other great bay where the city of Caesarea Philippi is at our backs and there we will be able to afford ourselves some rest. But in a few years we will travel up to Jerusalem on this ship and then there will be something quite different to deal with. – But now we are coming to a place quite near to the previously-mentioned city, where, despite our stay of many days on the opposite side of this particular city, nonetheless no man has heard anything about us. Even the great fire of the city was not able to trouble the inhabitants of this place. But it had to be so, so that you all will experience yet another type of revelation at this opportunity.”

170,4. But Peter came to Me and said, “Lord, what will happen in Jerusalem, in the place of great perdition? For nothing good or happy for man has ever come from that place, and an honest man has never found anything comforting in this city. Above all, arrogance and persecution are always quite at home there. Therefore I think that it would have been better if You, oh Lord, had chastised Jerusalem like this little town, which has certainly long deserved this punishment. About eight months ago we were in any case in Jerusalem and convinced ourselves that nothing at all can be done with its inhabitants except for a few people who were single swallows, however, and that does not signal the arrival of summer. Therefore my opinion would be this: we should not make a great fuss about that proud city of abominations, in which John was recently beheaded, and avoid it for all time. For such a city is eternally unworthy that You should step on it with Your holy feet. That is of course only my humble opinion; let me know Yours as well!”

170,5. From this time on I began to speak more seriously with My disciples about the fact that I would have to go to Jerusalem according to My Father’s will and would suffer very much there from the elders, the high priests and scribes, would be killed by them, but that on the third day I would raise from the dead again (Mt. 16:21). I would then stand there as a victor over all death and over all enemies of life for eternity, as I had already mentioned on Mark’s mountain.

170,6. At this Peter became quite alarmed and, drawing Me aside, said in a commanding, admonishing tone: "Lord, this must never happen to You! You are obliged both to us and to all men to protect Yourself." (Mt. 16,22)

170,7. But I turned around quickly and said in a very most serious tone: "Away with you, Satan; you are a stumbling-block to Me. You think as worldly men think, not as God thinks." (Mt. 16, 23)

170,8. Here Peter was very powerfully shocked, fell down before Me, begged for forgiveness and added, sobbing, “Lord, when we were sailing on this sea to the place where we have now just spent several days, You said to me on account of my faith (GGJ02-176,17): 'Simon Juda, you are Peter the rock. And on this rock I will build My church, and the powers of death shall never conquer it. I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatsoever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and what you shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.' These, oh Lord, were the holy words from Your most holy mouth, literally directed to me, a poor sinner. Yet I have never prided myself because of it but have always regarded myself as the least amongst us all, — and now You call me prince of darkness because I, driven by my great love for You, gave You a warning as a man. Lord, do have grace and mercy upon the poor fisherman Peter, who was the first to throw his net into the sea and leave his wife and children to follow You!"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-170 Chapter