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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-179 Chapter

Chapter 179 - Hiram's dream.

179,1. These people were highly amazed of this and one said, “Strange, I do not think much of dreams – but my dream that came to me last night seems to be confirmed as very true with this highly strange encounter!”

179,2. Aziona immediately asks him in his hasty way, “Well now, just tell us quickly everything that you dreamed! But do not skip anything; for everything could be of great importance!”

179,3. The neighbor says, “Just a little patience, my friend Aziona; for first one must gather the dream in a more ordered fashion from all the corners of one’s mind, because one cannot ever come before you with an awkward story. But now I have it more or less together, and so do listen very patiently.

179,4. “I was standing on the banks of our bay which is almost impassable for every larger ship. There in the morning I saw a great shine rising, shining brighter than the midday sun. I looked with my eyes up and down and here and there, yet nothing showed itself except something similar to the sun, from which the great shine could have come!

179,5. I observed this great shine with an ever greater desire and discovered soon a great ship, which was steering directly into this bay. This ship however was shining so brightly that I soon realized that the previous great shining light could only come from this ship. I also soon noticed people in this ship of light, among whom particularly one shone more than the midday sun. But also the others, except for one, were shining brightly, but nonetheless as if they were like the white sun clouds illuminated by the one. The ship approached our colony quickly. A great fear seized me because of the ever stronger light, so that I sought to hide in my hut hurriedly. But there I woke up and saw that was only a dream.

179,6. Although I think nothing of dreams, however, like every one of us, nonetheless this strange dream of light has preoccupied me until now and I said often to myself: No that is not a usual, empty dream! It will come to fulfillment in some very corresponding way! And behold, there it is right in front of us!

179,7. But now let’s just go over; for I am burning with curiosity to see the ship and whether it has a positive resemblance with the one I saw in my dream! I also saw the people up close so clearly that I could remember their physiognomies very well. It would be truly highly peculiar if the ship and also the people that I saw on the ship in my dream had a similarity to your wonderful guests! Just let us go over there immediately to them so that they do not sail off on us!”

179,8. At this immediately the whole neighborhood stood up and hurried towards us.

179,9. When they stood before us then, the dreamer cried out loudly, “Yes, yes, brother Aziona, that is exactly the same ship and those are exactly the same people, only without all the shining light!”

179,10. Here I Myself called him by name and said, “Hiram, what do you thus think now about your dream? And you, Aziona?”

179,11. Hiram said, “Yes, you dear, wonderful friends! I cannot say anything else about it except that it has quite perfectly come into fulfillment with you, as far as form is concerned! Only the light is not visible now; but perhaps we will all get to see it again if this bright sunny day is clothed by the starry coat of night!”

179,12. Aziona says, “But I think that no external light is needed, because these dear friends are so proudly full of the incomprehensible inner light of the wisdom of life! And I would even like to think that you, friend Hiram, have seen in your truly strange dream only the spiritual light of these men! However these dear men and unknown friends will soon give you the correct understanding!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-179 Chapter