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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-186 Chapter

Chapter 186 - Infinity, eternity and bliss.

186,1. John says, “Yes, my dear friends, that certainly only depends from which stand-point one sees life at all, quite particularly however the spiritual life. That one also has a correct realization of one’s’ self, through which a correct and true perception of God and His countless many miracles and creations, which have already to show you things in the area of matter, with whose incredibly amazing observance you will never be finished within eons of years, not to mention then the purely spiritual creations, of which one can say: Until now it has never entered human sense to feel even in the slightest part what God has prepared as blessings for those who truly recognize Him and then love Him above all else and also their neighbor out of love for Him wherever acceptable, with advice and deed. How can there ever be talk of boredom, where the most perfect possible spirit only begins to see that he is standing only at the beginning of the revelation of the most countless miracles of eternal power and wisdom and the highest love of God the Lord and Father of eternity? Oh, what thoughts take possession of your great limitation in every deeper cognition of life!

186,2. Just look at the sun, which gives the Earth the day! What do you know about this magnificent star? Nothing! Yes, you do not even know about its organization and its relationship to this Earth! You think and believe only what you can perceive with your senses; but things are quite different. Not this Earth stands as if in an eternal centre, and the sun does not and never cannot go around it, although it seems so, but instead the sun is the centre for this with the moon and the planets that you are familiar with, and this Earth along with its moon, as well as all the other planets move at various distances around the sun. The almost 25-hour orbit of the Earth around its polar axis creates the daily rising and setting of the sun.

186,3. Certainly you may not believe that because of the limitation of your insight, but future peoples, to whom God will give the correct light, will see that very clearly.

186,4. You can now believe me since you know that I can have a deepest founded knowledge of all truth. But since we now have touched upon the sun, so I tell you that it is a thousand times a thousand times bigger than this Earth. What miracles you never dreamt of cover its wide expanses! What a number of the most wonderful creatures of God walk there in the greatest harmony on its extremely wide spread out realms of light and rejoice in their blessed being! Their beauty is already of such extent that you can observe and be amazed at a human form from there here on Earth for an eternity without ever having enough of looking at it! What I say to you is entirely and highest truth and not in the least any sort of exaggeration.

186,5. But if a life of ten thousand years on this scanty Earth according to your admission in bearably good circumstances of life would not be unpleasant, I would like to then hear from you the number of years which you would like to live out very decently on the sun!

186,6. But that is not the only sun in the endless space of creation, but instead there are countless many and among them many of such an immeasurable size that even this enormously great sun for your understanding would be compared to that giant sun hardly like a snowflake in comparison with the size of this Earth.

186,7. But if things are so in the kingdom of material creation, how much more than in the endless kingdom of the spiritual creations of the Lord God and Father of eternity! And you want to speak about boredom in the eternal after-life of a person who has completely become a perfect spirit?!

186,8. And if you will have observed the ever greater miracles of God for eon times eons of Earth years as a pure, independent and free spirit in the certainly very most heavenly society of the pure spirits related to you, you will for endlessly long not even stand at the beginning! If you really gather the courage, you must indeed receive an ever-increasing joy in life and no revulsion before the same! Speak again now you, how does this suit you?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-186 Chapter