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Chapter 188 - The necessary diversity of beings and conditions on earth.

188,1. At this John began to speak again and said, “My dear friends, if your insight was only half as developed, things would have been done with few words; but as it is indeed several will be needed. But so that you understand, I must first give to you all a very new revelation. And as the first calls forth and gives the other, and before you thought about coming to me with the three critical questions, I already knew about it and in my previous true image that I gave to you I built the material creation. Oh, you certainly do not come to me ever with a question which I had not known already long in advance! But if I have known already long in advance about the question to come, as well as your travel stories, you can also easily imagine that a final answer will not be too difficult for me either. – What do you think at that, Hiram?”

188,2. Hiram says, “Oh yes, that seems just like you! But I did not ask you the three questions in order to try your most deeply-tested wisdom even further; but because one already gives the other, I would like to hear from you in this most serious issue then also a final conclusion which certainly no-one but you would be capable of giving me, without coming too close to the certainly also most cogent wisdom of your companions. Do me the goodness and speak – we want to listen to you with the most attentive anticipation!”

188,3. John says, “Well then, listen! There are differences in whatever you see on Earth. What would you say if on this Earth all the creatures looked just as similar as for example the sparrows on the roof, so that one could not tell male from female?”

188,4. Hiram says, “That would be something unbearably boring!”

188,5. John says, “Good! Thus it would also be unbearably boring if all people possessed exactly the same form, the same strength, the same age, the same voice and language and the very same instinctive common sense!”

188,6. Hiram says, “Ah that would be something very terrible!”

188,7. John says further, “Would the Earth be cheerful and enjoyable to look at either completely without mountains or without any similar differentiation, and if on the Earth there was only one type of tree and only one type of grass, and if there was no sea, but only sheer little, shallow and exactly the same ponds, no greater deep lakes, no great rivers and currents, but instead only sheer straight-sided square little clouds in the sky, which continually moved on very slowly only in one and the same direction?! Would it be pleasant if you saw in the firmament instead of the various constellations either only suns or only moons without any change of the day with the calm night?!”

188,8. Hiram says, “I beg you, friend, come to an end soon with all this; for even the thought of it drives a man of our sort to desperation! For only the greatest variation in everything can give life a pleasure!”

188,9. Even Aziona says, “Brother Hiram, can’t you feel yet where all this is going and how you have been already caught?”

188,10. Hiram says, “I am indeed beginning to feel a bit of something of a light breeze! But let’s leave the most noble and wisest friend continue for our own good quite undisturbed!”

188,11. Now John continues to speak on and says, “Good friends, if already on earth the greatest possible uniformity in all things must fill you with the most horrible boredom, and only the most magnificent and diverse varieties and changes give you pleasure — how can you imagine spirits of infinitely greater perfection, as principal life-intelligences, to live on forever in the greatest monotony, one resembling another to a T, throughout all of everlasting infinity? Oh look, what a shallow and lopsided view you have of God and His unending spirit-realm.

188,12. There, as here, countless differences must exist, otherwise no being, once it has reached greater perfection, could feel bliss and rapture at the wonders created by God. Likewise, there are countless differences amongst you people on earth so that you can serve one another wherever necessary. What does it matter whether or not a spirit fully completes in the beyond the work he has begun here? Eternity lasts long enough for him to make up for the things that he here only seemingly neglected to do.

188,13. In addition – mark this well! – this Earth in particular is specially chosen and designated by God, so that exactly on her, because of the only possible achievement of the childhood of God here, among the most varied types of people and characters which appear on it there is such a great difference, which after this Earth however in the whole infinity cannot be found to such a great degree on any of the countless many other planets.

188,14. But since it is only possible here to attain to the true and sole sonship of God — a fact which is well-known in its profundity to all the primordial spirits in the whole of infinity — you can well imagine that many spirits bring souls from other globes to this earth, so that also a soul from another world can be purified in the matter of this earth. Well, many succeed at their first attempt, but very many fail. If the alien soul incarnated in the flesh of this earth cannot endure the heavy pressure of this matter right from its entrance into it, it is immediately taken back by its spirit to the place from which it came.

188,15. Many souls, particularly those from other worlds, cannot stand the sight of this very poor world, which is the least beautiful of all. They are those whose senses are usually poorly developed. They usually hold out for quite some time, imitating the true people of this earth in a few things. However, after such a usually short, but to them deeply significant, life they return, usually after several decades, to their homeland, of course unrecognized by the people of this earth — often successful in their great endeavor, and achieve with certainty what they attempted at the first time.

188,16. Some such foreign souls often travel through even very many other worlds, until they then risk coming to this Earth, led by their spirits. Many are from solar worlds. Among them there are soon some very complete; but some often receive a great anger at everything that happens only on this Earth. From these come the very evil individuals for this Earth, who rob, murder and steal whatever comes their way. Also they usually have no love for the people of this Earth and seek only to harm them in every possible way. Such only rarely escape here the just punishment for their crimes against the Earth laws of order. Quite often they return to their old homeland, where things are not too good for them either, for their spirit often begins to discipline them in a terribly severe and painful manner, and the prouder, more hardened and selfish-stubborn a soul is, the longer will such a process last.

188,17. Yes, Sometimes the same thing happens to citizens of this earth who are enticed by the strangers to perpetrate many an evil deed. It is these souls, of whom unfortunately there are many, that are called 'devils'. These will later be tormented by their spirits out of God who will then be their guides until their complete betterment takes place. And look, this accounts for the great diversity on this earth and the peculiar conditions prevailing among the people of this earth. — I think that you, who can obviously think more keenly than other ordinary people of this earth, should now be completely in the clear regarding your questions. Or is there still anything else?"

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-188 Chapter