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Chapter 190 - John is afraid of Hiram's sagacity.

190,1. While both these fishermen with their wives and children prepared the evening meal for us, finally Judas Iscariot, who had become very sheepish, asked once again, who would send the ship back to old Mark if we no longer needed it.

190,2. I say, “Worry about something better than such worldly trivialities; for He who built this ship for Mark in a miraculous way will know how He has to bring it back to him! How come you still cannot ever see to something spiritual, but instead certainly you always worry only about something worldly! What do you profit from the world, or what would you profit if you won the whole world, but suffered the greatest harm to your soul? What can you give then to save your spoilt soul?!

190,3. Just look at these poor fishermen! They are the soberest and otherwise the friendliest people, expect no reward for their life after the death of their body, and nonetheless the entire world with its temporary treasures is an abomination to them, and they have therefore retreated from the whole world to this most deserted and void corner of the Earth. Now for the first time they have heard about something more highly spiritual, and already they are full of satisfaction – and a good half of them are Gentiles; but you are a genuine Jew and belong along with Me to the seed of Judah, and nonetheless the spiritual makes little or often no impression at all on you! Tell Me now quite openly why you actually walk with Me from place to place!”

190,4. Somewhat embarrassed, Judas says, “Well, yes, now everything has failed once again, because I made myself heard because of the ship! I did not have any bad or dishonest opinion about it! Forgive me, if I have made a mistake by it!”

190,5. I say, “Yes, yes, a lot still has to be forgiven you! Make sure that in the end the world does not become your master!”

190,6. At this Thomas wanted to whisper a few more words into Judas Iscariot’s ear; but I looked at Thomas and he remained silent in all patience.

190,7. But then John, My favorite, stepped up to Me and said, “Lord, are we now more or less in order with these people? For if they should come to us somehow even worse, then I would like to ask You that You Yourself would brave them; for I become crestfallen among them as if my heart wanted to possibly not understand something correctly and fast enough coming from You and then easily say something as if it was Yours, with which I would then be in a fine pickle with these sharp-seers! For they pay attention to every word and to every similar accompanying gesture like a sly fox on his prey! Only one incorrect little word and away with them!

190,8. Philopold in Kane near Kis was also almost a similar man; but nonetheless it was significantly easier to talk with them. But with these people it is much more difficult because they truly possess much experience and in addition such a sharpness of understanding as has never happened to me before! Mathael was also an extraordinary spirit; but with this Hiram here he would have had a fine task! Thus I ask You, oh Lord, once again, that at a somewhat sharper start You Yourself would take it up with him!”

190,9. I say, “My dear John that will no longer be necessary! Hiram will indeed bring forward some objections concerning the Messiah, which will make you a little embarrassed; but both of us will also soon bring him onto the right path. But just you go now into the hut and make fire for them; for they have now been making an effort since they left us to start a fire by rubbing stones and wood, but cannot produce anything!”

190,10. John headed for the hut and said, “Dear friends, it seems to me that today you will not have any success making fire; for I have already observed the hut for a while, but not been able to discover any fire, and my friend said to me: Go over and give the good, worried people a fire! And so I am here now to help you make a fire!”

190,11. Hiram and Aziona said, “There you are extremely welcome to us then; for our better stones give no fire and the kindling has become somewhat wet in the hut, and so we have now trouble with making fire. Also it goes no better for the neighbors!”

190,12. John said, “Just lay the wood on the stove and the fire will then immediately be created!”

190,13. They laid the wood on the stove and Aziona said, “Well, dear friend, the wood is already on the stove! I am truly curious to see in which new way you will now make the fire!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-190 Chapter