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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-195 Chapter

Chapter 195 - The bailiffs' life story.

195,1. I said, “I tell you: These days there is nothing more miserable on the whole Earth! I tell you: There is now on the whole Earth many, appallingly many, extremely bad and evil people, who unfortunately have become bad mostly through their up-bringing from their birth. However there has truly never been a lack of the best education for these, and they were instructed in all good teaching. But already in their childhood years they knew how to disguise themselves through all sorts of hypocrisy, so that they were preferred everywhere and received distinctions wherever possible. This way they came even in their early years to very respected positions, but began soon with often the coarsest abuses of the power of their positions to oppress the people too badly and thus became more and more dead hearted and unscrupulous. But their guile helped them on everywhere, and so they came, namely the three main leaders as schoolmates, to very high positions and were in the right place to give their true satanic greed the crudest free rein possible, and everything that their arch evil mind gave them was set into action at any cost.

195,2. How many girls and boys of eight to twelve years did they rape to death, even with utmost torture, and their flesh subsequently thrown to the many dogs they had! And if the doleful parents dared to investigate even remotely what had happened to their children, they had to be ready in advance that their last hour would soon have run out. And their bloodhounds and sworn-in servants did not behave any better, but instead wherever possible even more cruelly. If you think about all that and another thousand even worse cases, you will be capable of understanding very well My anger here.

195,3. But they knew also very well that no one could betray them to the Romans as easily as I, because they had already heard many a thing from Me. Thus they also always sent the bloodhounds off to investigate My person, but always without success; therefore they now wanted to carry out the desired job themselves. But then My spirit said within Me: Just up to here, and no further! And so they have now received their long-deserved reward here quite in full.

195,4. Collect up their weapons and chains; for you will be able to utilize them as useful household instruments and for catching fish in the winter! There under that cliff wall in the forest you will find their torn clothes, because they were eaten there by the animals, also gnawed bones. But only go there after one month, until the ants also have done their job! You will find also a number of earthly riches which in time and at a good occasion can be sold well to Greek traders; but for the meantime take it easy!

195,5. The ship contains five hundred pounds of gold, silver and a number of other valuables – that all belongs to you along with the ship; but be just and unselfish with the distribution, and take only according to your need! The ship here is as good as stranded here, stands without a captain and belongs entirely to you according to Roman maritime law - PRIMO OCCUPANTI IUS! Are you satisfied with that?”

195,6. Aziona and Hiram say, “Lord and Master in all power, wisdom and strength of the perfect spirit of a very highest divinity! Who could not be satisfied with that?! And all the more so because we now see that this is truly only a gift from above!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-195 Chapter